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Preparing Toddler for Newborn

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BeauticianNotMagician81 Thu 07-Jul-16 13:36:15

So I'm due ds4 tomorrow. Ds3 is aged 3 and knows there is a baby on the way. He kisses my tummy at night and he keeps pointing to various baby items that are ready around the house saying "ooh that's for the baby".

I'm just unsure about how to do the whole first introduction. I've got a present ready for ds3. If I have to stay in hospital do I get DH to bring him and his older brothers in or just wait until I'm home? When he is being looked after by whoever haves them while I'm in labour do I get them to tell him I'm at the hospital or just that we've popped out? I just want to get it right. Possibly overthinking. What did you do?

Tsotofamily Fri 08-Jul-16 12:36:57

Im due in 2 weeks and dc3 is 4, when it's time to go into hospital I will tell her what's happening. She already knows that I need to go in and have baby but she's not keen that she might have to stay somewhere the night so I'm planning on coming home asap after. But if I do need to stay in I will speak to her on the phone first before deciding if she should come into see us as I don't wanna upset her more about having to leave me and baby behind.

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