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Isofix issue Ford S max

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snowcloud Thu 16-Jun-16 11:29:41

I hope someone can help or advise. I have a Ford S max and two isofix car seats for children. I'm wondering what to do or what you advise about the underfloor storage in the rear seat foot well area with regards to the isofix support leg resting on the foot well cover it seems a common problem for people with families and more so as the car seat legislation changes in December. The Ford parts site states there are foam fillers but they are not solid at all. Are you able to help with this?

AliBingo Sun 19-Jun-16 15:01:00

The foam fillers are to fix this, you put them in the storage spaces, put lids on and can then use car seat prop leg fine.

AppleYumYum Wed 27-Jul-16 11:38:41

Does anyone know with the s-max foam spacers if there are different types for storage and then different for filling the space for a rear facing car seat leg?

I've seen some dark grey ones on eBay and google images but they have a big square hole in the middle and cut outs for a spanner or something? Surely they aren't the foam spacer you need?

Those that rang and got their foam spacer from Ford, how much were they?

LotsOfDots Wed 27-Jul-16 11:39:52

The ones with the cut outs in are the right ones. We bought one recently for about £20. Then we realised there was in fact one already in place...

AppleYumYum Fri 29-Jul-16 12:54:31

Thanks! Hmm it just seems that if your chair leg was over the hole in the foam would it not still potentially go through in an accident?

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