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Package holiday with 3 children - list of hotels that sleep 5 in a room?

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Sellotapewillfixit Mon 13-Jun-16 12:48:07

Thinking ahead to a couple of years when we have 3 children all over 2, so move out of the standard 2 adults plus 2 children plus cot that can usually fit in a family room.

Looking at a package holiday (Europe, summer holidays, 2 weeks or thereabouts) that currently costs around £5k, when the youngest is over 2 that price goes up by over 50% to around £7.5k.

I think we will probably just book villas but does anyone have any recommendations for hotels/chains/travel agents that would have larger rooms? And what age would you sleep 2 older children in a room by themselves?

Have a look at the aqua fantasy spa and waterpark hotel in kusadasi, amazing place and has family suites which we had, dc had a huge room with enough room for 3 beds and we had our own separate, just got back smile and booking again for next yr

Ps out dc are boy 13 and girl 5

Sorry I've got fat fingers! Our not out

Malermalergoni Mon 13-Jun-16 13:03:48

Packages can be £££ for families.But I think as the family grows you appreciate good self catering facilities anyway. Sometimes it's nice to be able to get a bit of shopping in and relax at the villa. Boring as it is, facilities for laundry/ dishwasher are really handy with a few kids on board. We've been to several resorts in Italy and Spain that have little bungalows or houses on holiday complexes. They're a good compromise if you don't want to pay for big villa with private pool etc. Colina Paraiso (benahavis) Spain, has nice houses with jacuzzis on the roof. And I think Bella Italia (lake Garda) has houses in site too, but we've never stayed in them.

Sellotapewillfixit Mon 13-Jun-16 13:32:38

Thanks both. Good to know we have options! I like self catering and we would do that at least every other year anyway, but the children are getting to the age where they like activities with other children, so I think we will want to do some packages over the next 5 years. Will need to start saving! All other suggestions welcome!

LostInMess Mon 13-Jun-16 19:39:34

Sellotape, we have always self catered but with DC4 just 8 months, weren't up for the expense of a villa and rather felt we needed sufficient distraction for the older 3 so that one of us could man mark him. We're trying eurocamp for the first time (although I worked as a courier for them many moons ago) - gone for a mobile home with 3 rooms and, more importantly, 2 bathrooms! In Loire valley and as with most campsites in France, it's basically a water park. Very cheered to get a week for less than £1.5k in peak season, lots of facilities on site (including clubs if wanted) and it's hopefully easy for this year - as long as DH and I can collapse outside for a couple of hours with a bottle of wine in the evening, we'll be fine.

Our other find a couple of years ago when we still had 3 was services apartments - great if you're in cities and generally have bars, restaurants etc

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