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MIL godmother gives no present for baptism

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Sofygwh Fri 22-Apr-16 14:52:23

Hi all, my MIL insisted to be the godmother to our son and she just gave us a card (with no money or else), no present at all. My parents gave us money + gift. She said she would do something but still nothing after more than 2 months. I don't want to be rude but I'd like to approach the matter. I think it's been rude to her to turn up without even a small gift. Opinions on what I should do pls? Thanks

Somerville Fri 22-Apr-16 14:57:10

You can't approach her asking for a gift. shock

It's unusual for a grandparent to also be a Godparent. The next time she tries to insist on anything not to your liking, make sure your husband puts his foot down.

PeppasNanna Mon 25-Apr-16 22:51:56

You really can't ask for a present! blush
Would make you as rude as her!!

Iwonderif Fri 29-Apr-16 18:49:27

Tricky. Being a grandparent is a role that's a privilege in itself and one that doesn't require the need for anything else.

Why she should want to be a godmother as well seems it's clearly all about her. Incredibly rude to not give a gift to the child as the norm is to naturally give a gift of some sort. Godparent/grandparent anyone invited to such a special occasion.

Wouldn't bother asking OP. It leaves a bitter taste I'm sure but it would get you nowhere I reckon.

icklekid Fri 29-Apr-16 18:50:47

There is nothing to be done. Would have been nice of her to give a present but not obligatory. If you didn't want her to be then you shouldn't have let her be!

msrisotto Fri 29-Apr-16 18:50:51

Why on earth do you expect a present from her anyway? Is this a thing? Paying for the 'privilege' of being godparent?

ThroughThickAndThin01 Fri 29-Apr-16 18:52:17

What should you do? Absolutely nothing. It's up to her whether she gives a present, godmother or not.

Very weird though, for grandparent to be godparent.

Hariasa Fri 29-Apr-16 18:54:51

You should do nothing.

A gift is usual but not mandatory.

You would be so incredibly in the wrong to demand a gift.

ShatnersBassoon Fri 29-Apr-16 19:00:47

WWJD? Probably not ask his in-laws for cash and gifts because he wanted his kid baptised.

Friolero Fri 29-Apr-16 19:04:51

Of course you can't approach her to ask for a present, that would be incredibly rude!

gamerchick Fri 29-Apr-16 19:05:34

Its rude to ask for and expect a gift. Seriously let it go!

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