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How did you feel after DC4?

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Bavmorda Mon 29-Feb-16 17:31:05


This is my first foray into Large Families... DS2 is 6 weeks old and I'm feeling rubbish. Hoping you'll all come and tell me this is normal (for some reason I tend to forget how things were with each previous DC). The others are 5, 4 and 2.

I've had every cough and cold going since he was born (and before) and the violent coughing has definitely not helped my pelvic floor - pretty sure I have a prolapse of some sort which doc will see later in the week at 6 week check. I just feel constantly achy and like I'll never feel normal again - symptoms change, they don't go!

calamityjam Mon 29-Feb-16 17:51:09

Sending you hugs first of all. I am a mum of 4. Mine are considerably older than yours and with bigger age gaps, but at one point I had a newborn a 4 year old, a six year old, a ten year old and a nine year old step daughter who we had full time. I can say the early days with the new baby and all the older ones were hard work. With each new child comes a new routine which takes time to adjust to. By the time my little one was a year old, I had him at a childminders, my dd at school nursery, ds2 at primary school, ds1 at high school and dsd at another primary school. I do not know how I ever got through school runs in those days! However I did and now 7 years later, life is much simpler and I love having my big family and never regret it. You will get through these early days and try to enjoy the good days and just don't put too much pressure on yourself to be perfect because no parent is.

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