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Up to 4 and baby unsettled

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WeLoveLego Sun 14-Feb-16 15:23:23

Hi all,
Just after tips and advice on managing four under 7, but specific if possible, to the youngest being 7 months.
I have 2BC (6 and 4) and then we adopted our 3rd child (2.5) and were then asked to take ACs sibling. The baby moved in last week, but it feels like a shocker for me as we'd just got to a great place with 3 where they are all fairly self sufficient (toilet trained and able to feed themselves at least) and now the baby...eek!
I haven't looked after a baby this young for 4 years, as AC arrived when a year old. It all feels quite strange , as new baby very ( understandably ) unsettled.
I'm trying to use the sling lots, but any more tips hugely appreciated!

Artandco Sun 14-Feb-16 15:31:51

It must be difficult having a new child whole isn't newborn as obviously he had old routines and habits. One week is very new.

I would keep up with the sling, have his cot next to your bed, and all chill out the next month whilst he settles.

Can you order in lots of easy food so you can all eat easily and relaxed. And maybe some new crafts and DVDs for elder three so you can all be occupied at home more during half term so you aren't having to get all 4 of them up and out for half term. Have relaxed mornings in, head out for a short while for some energy burnt off and back to chill together with baby gets used to all of you and you all to him. Lots of all of you snuggled up together under blankets with books and films.

Artandco Sun 14-Feb-16 15:33:44

Also get the other children all involved with baby care. At their age eldest two can show him books and occupy him with toys for 10 mins, and he can watch all three play. All can share a bath with him etc so you aren't having to find extra time ontop

babyblabber Mon 15-Feb-16 10:50:11

Wow, you are amazing!

I think you really need to focus on creating a bond with the baby and getting him/her into a bit of a routine so he/she can feel loved and secure.

Defo keep up with the sling & if ever there was a time for convenience food and more tv than usual, this is it. To be honest, if you can afford it is throw money at the problem, new toys/games to keep the bigger ones busy, maybe even pay for some help eg a cleaner or a babysitter to give you more time.

It's only been a week and of course the baby is unsettled but day by day it'll get easier. Just do your best!

Pollyputhtekettleon Wed 17-Feb-16 08:48:09

Only tip i have (currently 3 undr 3) is to get meals prepped when you have a quiet moment earlier in the day. Congratulations on your new baby!

WeLoveLego Mon 14-Mar-16 23:38:32

Just to say thank you for your replies!
A few weeks on now and things couldn't be better.
I'm finding 4 much easier ( genuinely) than having 3; people had told me about this 'rule of even numbers' thing but I didn't believe it until realised that yes, with four, two pairs, everyone has a friend- much easier!
Thanks for support in early days.

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