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Is anyone else tempted to buy one of these for their family bathroom...

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ooosaidooo Sat 06-Feb-16 12:14:40

here not the most attractive of items, and possibly a tad extreme but the amount of loo roll we go though is colosal (and youngest isn't even potty trained yet)!

Do you have any extreme things in your house that help you cope with lots of people?

StealthPolarBear Sat 06-Feb-16 12:16:54

Oh please don't I hate those things. You can never find the end of the roll, if you spin it round hoping to dislodge the end you invariably are spinning the wrong way and putting your hand up in frustration to try to get some toilet paper just gets you bitten by the thing. I hate themm

StayWithMe Sat 06-Feb-16 12:22:37

Stealth You took the words right out of my mouth. I hate those bloody things. Back to the drawing board OP.

StayWithMe Sat 06-Feb-16 12:23:45

What about this OP?

Pandopops Sat 06-Feb-16 12:27:14

My 2 year old DD is an avid fan of loo roll at the moment, so Ive been buying value loo roll for her, its fine.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Sat 06-Feb-16 12:28:22

Eugh that is horrible. Just put a pile of loo rolls in a big naice basket.

ooosaidooo Sat 06-Feb-16 15:14:05

No you are right, I would lose the end and it would annoy me.

There is a naice basket floating round the house in need of a new purpose, that will do instead! Thank you for the tip.

babyblabber Sat 06-Feb-16 18:49:04

We just bought a house and the previous owners were Indian so there are hoses attached to the toilets to use instead of toilet paper. Have the plumber set to remove them this week but now you have me doubting myself confused

Fatcakes Tue 19-Apr-16 17:44:05

I buy double length rolls from Aldi. I'm still the only person who replaces the roll, but I do it less.

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