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3 under 27 months and feeling frazzled.

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Linguaphile Sat 26-Dec-15 20:26:22

I have 2yo twins and a 3 month old baby, all girls. The first few weeks of the new baby were great, but recently the twins have really been going haywire with sleep (refusing to nap), which leads to lots of acting up, fighting, tantrums, etc. I told DH today that I feel at the very end of my energy reserves. We live in a two bed first floor flat with no lift and no garden (London), so getting out is quite a chore, but staying in is worse by miles. They are all absolutely gorgeous little people--I get so much joy from just getting to sit and have a chat with one of the twins or coo at our happy and smiley baby--but as a pack they are doing my head in!

I suppose I'm just looking for some encouragement that things won't always be this hectic and stressful?? I am absolutely knackered. Please someone tell me a happy story about how having an insane number of children in a short space of time has been great once they grow out of the terrible twos...

imip Sat 26-Dec-15 22:09:42

grin it'll be ok!

I have 4dds Born within 5 years. My youngest is nearly 4 and life is ssssoooooo much easier! Of course, it's still busy. But sleeping is generally ok, behaviour is generally ok. One of my dds had ASD and it is complicating, but life is still so much easier and I still look back on the early years fondly (and, of course, mine are still pretty young!).

Today I spent the day with a friend and her month ear (and the whole family). She also had 4 dds born within 5 years. Seeing them all together was wonderful. She also talked about the hard time, but her dds are lovely and all get along really well. If that's be in 30 years, I'd be very bloody happy!

TheEagle Sat 26-Dec-15 22:22:21

I can't tell you that it's all going to get easier - I'm currently in the same situation!

Mine is reversed, my older boy is just about 27 months and my twins are 8 months.

It's relentless at the moment and I often feel like I am a hamster in a wheel running all the time but getting nowhere.

DS1 doesn't nap anymore so the days are very full on.

It is getting better as the twins get a bit older and my older boy is a bit more independent.

I often feel guilt that I want time to pass more quickly and guilt that I don't spend enough time with each child individually.

But I'm trying my very best and I love them all so much so hopefully that will go a long way for us!

Mothersruin75 Sat 26-Dec-15 23:21:53

No advice but just wanted to add I totally agree and our mantra is this time next year things will be easier...
Have a high maintenance 6.5 year old, 2.5 year old twins & a 13 month old. Feeling frazzled today, love them all so much but some days I just count down the seconds till bedtime. I get through by remembering it's already far easier than last year. Now just looking forward to the little one getting over the wanting to put everything in his mouth phase then the constant surveillance can lapse a bit. Was watching with horror all the presents with little chokeable bits the older three got yesterday!

Buttwing Sun 27-Dec-15 07:47:02

Last year I had newborn, 13 months and 4 year old (plus a 9 year old) it was hard really hard. Now they are 1,2,5 and 10 it's not a walk in the park but it's a million times better. Things will get easiersmile

HelenaJustina Sun 27-Dec-15 08:04:09

I had new born, 2yr old, 3.6yr old and 5.6yr old. So full on but no where near your level of craziness!

It sounds great that you can still appreciate them as individuals, a major achievement! As for the pack thing, DH and I did a lot of divide and conquer in the early days. Meant less 'full family' time but did mean less bickering, scrambling for attention and noise levels were lower!

Mine had all started dropping day time sleeps by 2/2.4, are you entitled to any 2yr old funding for nursery/preschool? Although it can be a ball-ache getting everyone there, the pay off is tired children and some peace with the baby for you.

I also found that the terrible twos really went from 18months to 2.6... So it will get substantially easier very soon. My youngest is now 2.7 and it is a comparative walk in the park! They all eat the same, are on similar bedtimes, enjoy the same activities and holidays, and mostly play together really well.... Hang in there!

appleandplum Wed 10-Feb-16 23:00:10

I had twins when my eldest was 22 months and then a baby when my twins were 23 months so 4 under 4. It was very hard, crazy and tiring but it does get easier and I look back and in a strange way miss the baby days. When your baby starts eating the same meals and can get involved a bit more with the twins, my youngest used to sit in his bouncy chair and watch and the others would talk to him and he'd be occupied for a while. My youngest 3 are so close now. Can you put your baby in a high chair (with are reclining back) up to the table while you do some activities with the twins so she's involved? It does get easier, especially when everyone starts sleeping better!

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