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Chore charts

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Tsotofamily Wed 23-Dec-15 11:29:20

I have a chore chart for my dcs but to me it's not very well layed out, im looking for ideas for a good lay out and that I can easily change this around but something that I can use for all 3 so not to have loads of charts hanging around. Any examples would be great

TheWordOfBagheera Wed 23-Dec-15 13:34:32

Would you be ok making one yourself?

I think a laminated grid with children down the side and days of week along the top would work well. You could then make lots of little laminated 'chores' (either the words or pictures). Then put a stickyback velcro dot on each grid square and one on the back of each chore so it can stick to the grid - chores can easily be changed around and swapped for the next week.

Make the grid squares a bit bigger if they need to fit more than one chore per day.

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