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3 under 3 - sling advice

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Pollyputhtekettleon Thu 17-Dec-15 11:40:57

I've just had my third baby and my DS is 2.11 and DD is 15mts. My biggest concern when I am looking after them all on my own is new baby's safety as the other two are besotted and love to hug her (ie. climb on top of her and squash her) and offer her food, toys, blankets on her face etc. So I think it would be best to have a handy sling to carry her around in as I prepare food etc. Can anyone recommend the best sling for:

- Around the house, keeping arms free and emptying dishwasher etc.
- Easy on and easy to slot baby in quickly. I find the moby quite a big job to use.
- Something I can feed baby in as I go.

I think once she is 6mts or so I won't need to keep her with me so much and she'll be heavy enough that I won't want to sling her anyway so as long as the sling is great for small babies I'd be happy to compromise on its usefulness longer term.

Any advice on this (and any other aspects of 3 under 3!) would be appreciated.

Yarpyarp Thu 17-Dec-15 11:50:24

The nct close Caboo is amazing! You put it on like a tshirt, slot baby in and you are away! It's really soft fabric, very snug and secure and you can feed in it too although I haven't mastered that.
They're about £60 or try eBay. Worth every penny in my experience.

Lots of choice though...if you can try and get to a nearby sling library and test a few to see what suits you personally

Pollyputhtekettleon Thu 17-Dec-15 12:04:40

I suspect many would be good and the sling meets are quite inconvenient location and timing so happy to go with something recommended by strangers on mumsnet. smile

StarryStarryElf Fri 18-Dec-15 06:52:46

This website has pages and pages of slings so might be worth a look.

I had and Ergo and a then a Tula, also had one of these for DC 3 and 4, mine was on wheels. It was brilliant, I used it as a day bed rather than a play pen. They could sleep and the smaller ones couldn't reach in (older DCs 18 months to 4 years).

Cooking while wearing the sling was ok, but it depended how much sleep I'd had, if I was tired and cooking I was happier if the baby was in the day bed as I used to be a bit clumsy.

knaffedoff Fri 18-Dec-15 06:58:26

Before buying any sling, is their a sling library locally so you can try before you buy?

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