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over crowding

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kitkat2206 Thu 03-Dec-15 14:04:55

I private rent a 3 bed home with my husband, my 20yrs old daughter, my 17yrs old son (from a previous marriage) & my 9yrs old son. I'm really struggling with bedroom arrangements. My older 2 can't share and with my youngest having to be in bed at 8pm, my middle son doesn't have anywhere for his own personal space. My daughter spends a couple of nights at her boyfriends parents house which relieves the pressure a little but it's creating such tension. Neither of my older children have guaranteed hours at work and I dont know whether we would be eligible to get my eldest daughter a studio or 1 bed flat with the council as this would be more affordable than private rent right now. Has anyone got any advice or experience in this matter.


FishWithABicycle Fri 04-Dec-15 09:19:47

would be a lot cheaper and more fun for your 20yo daughter for her to get a room in a larger shared house with other similar-aged people - this is a much better way to learn to live independently than having a studio or one bedroom flat when you are 20 and sharing responsibility for cleaning communal areas and buying household stuff means that the introduction to the rigours of being a grownup is less harsh.

If she can't move out just yet - e.g. if her work/income situation isn't stable enough yet, she should temporarily be on a sofabed in the lounge - but that should only be while she gets her act together, not a long term plan.

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