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4th child at 40???

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Bunsyduff Thu 17-Sep-15 19:28:49

I have three fantastic, crazy boys... Thought I would be done, yet have a niggling feeling that I am not.
I think though a) may be too old b) may be crazy .. Anyone done this and has thoughts?
( not hoping for a little girl especially .. Just one last shot)
Thanks all x

stillnotjustamummy Thu 17-Sep-15 19:41:03

Do your logistics work with 4? House, car etc? Partner supportive? If that all works why not see what happens?

LostInMess Thu 17-Sep-15 19:47:39

I'll let you know in a week or two! 42 and am expecting DC4 on Tuesday. I've had a couple of consultant appointments due to being over 40 but otherwise it's been a very straightforward pregnancy though I've felt it the last few weeks - tho I did the last time 3.5 yrs ago too. No issues TTC either, in fact we weren't actually trying..... Took me a little while to get my head round it and am expecting the chaos to be prolonged for a few more years DC1-3 range from nearly 8 to 3.5) but I can see how it will work - just hope it does. Agree that DH/DP needs to be on board too. FWIW, existing children are massively excited. We'll be poorer but hopefully happier!

imip Thu 17-Sep-15 23:17:53

I had my 4th surviving dc at 40! Great plan grin

FATEdestiny Thu 17-Sep-15 23:27:50

I had DC4 at 38, so a tiny bit younger.

Took be a while to conceive, after conceiving quickly and easily previously. I also suffered miscarriage between DC3 and DC4.

I definitely feel done now, in a way I did not feel after DC3. On that basis, I would have always felt a little bit unfinished and regretted not having DC4 if we had stopped at 3.

GizzyBoo Fri 18-Sep-15 09:32:37

My #5 is due the week of my 40th.
We too were done and waiting for dh vasectomy referral.
Guess mother nature had other ideas ????

hookedonamoonagedaydreem Fri 18-Sep-15 22:20:05

4th at 40 was fine, all the others were at school and nursery so I spent the last few weeks of maternity resting up, the birth was great and we were back home relaxing in less than 24 hours.

Having a crawling, into everything toddler at 41 is a bit tougher though! I am on the go constantly so I have had to really look after myself health wise or else I would crash and burn.

loveandsmiles Tue 22-Sep-15 13:01:34

I've just had my 6th at nearly 48 years (next month!). All went well with no problems. Had DC3 at 40, DC4 at 42 and DC5 at 45.

As long as your DH and DCs are happy then go for itsmile

Partybugs Tue 22-Sep-15 13:32:44

I was 38 with dc4.. He's 2.5yrs now. Dh had the snip afterwards. I never felt 'done'.. I wanted a 4th, dh was persuaded.
Life is good, bonkers at times, but really really good. I feel completely done and finished with pregnancies and babies now.. I didn't think I ever would to be honest. Mine are 10.5, 7, 4.5 and 2.5. My dh has a great work/home balance and extremely hands on. We share it all 50/50. No family really to help, only in emergencies. We both love it and wouldn't change a thing.

Onmyown1 Mon 28-Sep-15 11:43:53

I had my 3rd at 40 and my 4th at 42 (12 months 2 weeks in between them). They kept a closer eye on me and I had c sections but was out of hospital the next day with both. Had no problems and actually find it easier than when I had my previous 2 at a younger age.

ProbablyMe Mon 28-Sep-15 11:47:57

I'm expecting my 5th at 41 after a 12 year gap! Go for it I say!!

cathpip Mon 28-Sep-15 11:53:50

Am cradling 4 week old dc4, am 40 in 6 weeks, has kinda blown the romantic weekend away I was hoping for, but he is so snugly and smells beautiful smile

inmyshoos Mon 28-Sep-15 11:56:17

I also have 3 (11, 8 and 7) and am also thinking id like one last shot! I will be 40 next year too.

For me I think there is a far biggerchance of regretting NOT going for it. I can imagine being more tired, things costing more, car hassles etc but I think the postives will be far greater!
Good luck whatever you decide.

onlyoranges Tue 13-Oct-15 21:43:20

I love this thread. I had my 4th at 40 got pregnant quickly and it all went smoothly bit of a bump at the end with a pre eclampsia scare but I was over doing it and all was fine. I started having children in my 20s and then carried on in 30s and think I am prob the best mum I have been in my 40s. Sadly he is my last and I think of that often but it makes me really cherish him all the more and when we snuggle for our bedtime story every night it makes my heart soar. If you don't go for it as others have said you may regret it. I have a few friends who wish they carried on but for various reasons didn't. Go for it. We regret the things we don't do the most

PrimalLass Tue 13-Oct-15 21:46:15

I'm not going to have another baby, but I don't feel any less fit at 41 than I did at 30 when I had DS. I think I am fitter and healthier, if anything.

PeppasNanna Tue 20-Oct-15 22:21:32

I had dc6 at

Adore her, shes an absolute pleasure. Keeps me good & active.

PeppasNanna Tue 20-Oct-15 22:22:31

I had dc6 at

Adore her, shes an absolute pleasure. Keeps me good & active.

Bunsyduff Sat 26-Dec-15 09:58:37

Have just re-read all these beautiful replies here and wanted to say a long overdue thank- you for responding...My phone broke about a week after this and then totally forgot to reply!
What lovely posts and what great mums you all sound.. An example to us all.
Am hoping for another baby in 2016... My husband wanted a break for the rest of this year. Then fingers crossed!
Merry Christmas to you all xxxx

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