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Pregnant with #3 and 'D'H has walked out... Single parent tips required please!

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admittingdefeat Wed 05-Aug-15 18:05:35

I'm 12 weeks pregnant with DC3. I also have my DNeph 50% of the time so DSis can go to Uni/catch a break (DNeph is disabled and his Dad has never been around) and DH and I have split up. I have a small thread on Relationships about it.

DDs will be 7.5 and 5 when baby is born. They're from a PR and see their Dad EOW Fri-Sun.

I'm planning to try breastfeed, cloth nappy and use a sling most of the time for school runs/errands/chores etc. I'm hiring a cleaner for 2 hours a week, which I can't really afford but my mental health is taking a battering at the moment, so anything to lighten the load. DSis is taking over morning school runs from January.

Any other tips/ideas/suggestions?

admittingdefeat Wed 05-Aug-15 18:06:25

DNeph will be 6 when baby arrives, forgot to add that.

notascooby007 Thu 06-Aug-15 11:47:37

Be as organised as you can get as much as you can the night before

Grannyapple Fri 07-Aug-15 22:14:10

I have 3...aged 4.5 yrs, 2yrs & almost 10 months. Defo be as organised if you can. Load washing machine night before so you can just add powder/liquid in the morning, load dishwasher & turn on straight after break fast/do dishes straight away. Lay kids clothes out previous night & ensure bags packed so can just grab & go. When DC3 arrives..the other two should be able to entertain each other, & your nephew when he's around too. I'm at the stage where getting out every day is the them & you out & they hopefully sleep right through. Cleaner is a fab idea...I only cottoned on to this toward the end of my 3rd pregnancy...has been life changing. Batch cook/double up portions when cooking so you can eat half/freeze half. We have a rule that older two must be dressed to go downstairs before breakfast...makes life easier than trying to get all 3 dressed at same time & baby is screaming the place down. Oh I shower at night before bed, so I can just get up & get on with things in the morning. Good luck with everything with no 3. Is hard but worth it xxx

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