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cars and prams

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stuffthenonsense Sun 19-Jul-15 02:43:27

hi, i just found out that baby no 7 is actually babies no 7 and 8 (very happy indeed) but i can't sleep wondering about how to configure the car seats safely. we already have a seat alhambra 7 seater which is plenty big enough as the three oldest rarely use it being almost independent, but i have a 5 year old a 3 year old a 20 month old and soon the twins. the manual says if you use the back row then you must not use an isofix in one of the access seats, fair enough or we won't easily get into the back, so that means that the 5 year old is definitely in THAT seat....whats best for the others though? the 3 and 1 year old in the back and twins in the middle? id have to move from erf to ff seats for them though i think...what do you all do?
also, even with this bus i have no idea which pram will fit in the boot, my double does quite comfortably but I'm going to need at least a triple as the 3 year old has asd and needs a pram and i don't know quite where the 1 year old will be with walking then. how big are the quad prams folded? thanks for any advice

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