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bedroom help please!

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BeautifulLiar Thu 02-Jul-15 06:52:46

Just found out I'm pregnant with DC4. I was so excited but now all I can think about is how on earth we'll arrange bedrooms and it's putting a downer on things.

We have three bedrooms, two girls and a boy.

We've only just moved the boy (nearly 7) into his own room and he's so happy with it, the guilt that he might have to share is killing me. It's not the biggest room and they'd obviously have quite an age gap.

If I had a girl then I'd have to somehow squeeze three into one room.
We do have a playroom downstairs, but it's not that big and I'm not sure I'd want to lose it or have a child sleeping downstairs or throw DS out of his new room.

Its all a muddle. Help sad

flanjabelle Thu 02-Jul-15 06:58:20

7 year old ds might be really happy with the play room. Angle it as because he is so grown up he gets to move downstairs and have his own space and privacy. I think it would be the best option tbh.

How are finances? could you do a fab makeover on the playroom and make it a dudes den?

BeautifulLiar Thu 02-Jul-15 07:24:45

thanks for replying so quickly smile

I don't want to be worried the whole 9 months about having a boy - it should be a good thing - would be DH's first boy.

finances are ok, what kind of thing do you have in mind?

there's also a tv in there which might persuade him! Although he is currently being assessed for ASD and struggles with change sometimes.

flanjabelle Thu 02-Jul-15 07:49:35

What are his interests? Does he like marvel that sort of thing? Cars? Football?

could you afford a loft bed so he could have space underneath and bed up top?

I think if you start saying now about how much he has loved having his own room and how you want him to keep having that private space. make it clear you are doing it for him not for the new baby. Give him time to adjust to the idea. get him involved in choosing things for his room etc.

let me know his interests and I'll have a look for some ideas.

BeautifulLiar Thu 02-Jul-15 08:21:18

Wow, thank you. Actually he loves those three things - so we made him a football room. Luckily it's just things like curtains and bedding so we could just move them. Painted the room "oatmeal" so suitable for any sex.

We just bought him a cabin bed, although not a high one. It has storage underneath though.

So what about the practicalities of having a downstairs bedroom? What about when we put him to bed and me and DH are obviously still downstairs? would we disturb each other?

What if the youngest DC kept trying to play in that room in the day?

What about weekends and holidays where DS might want a bit of privacy but is right in the middle of all the action downstairs? My head feels like its going to explode!

flanjabelle Thu 02-Jul-15 08:45:34

practical wise you could put a sliding bolt high enough on the door on the outside so little ones couldn't reach. He could then lock the door from the outside when he wanted.

I think once the door is shut he will feel as though he is away from everything anyway. I wouldn't worry about noise, he will get used to the different sounds in the room.

I would carry on in the same line when speaking to him. e.g. we want to make sure you have your own space, your private place to go. in order to do that we want to give you the playroom as your own bedroom. this means that it will be downstairs. would you be ok with that (speak about noise etc)? Suggest about the lock to keep little ones out (you could even have a proper locking door that he and you have keys for). Make him feel like he is number one priority in the decision making.

If you can, I would go a bit further with the theming of the room. what are his footy colours? Paint the walls in those colours, find new things for him to have in there. Something like the pic maybe.

flanjabelle Thu 02-Jul-15 08:48:09

Some awesome lighting could make it a soothing place for him to be?

Artandco Thu 02-Jul-15 08:59:14

Can't you just keep youngest whatever sex in your room. They will fit in a cot bed newborn- 5/6 years, and can nap easier through toddlerhood in day as bedroom free. And can go to bed before others without stopping them playing

flanjabelle Thu 02-Jul-15 09:00:26

What about the ops sex life?? And privacy? With four kids in the house I would want my own space!!

Artandco Thu 02-Jul-15 09:07:36

We we have shared our bedroom ( only have 1), with our two children the last 5 years. We have a sex life fine! Obviously did with small baby as had no 2 one year later.

You loose privacy all the time once you have more children than bedrooms imo.

Ours are in bed around 9pm, so we have the rest of the Eve alone in living room for privacy. It's much better than 1/2 of us sleeping in living room as them we would never have a space to go to once someone else is asleep. As it it if say dh and one child are still asleep, then myself and another child can start the day in living area without disturbing them.

Dolallytats Thu 02-Jul-15 09:20:08

There was 5 children when we were growing up, 4 girls and a boy. It was a squish, but we managed. Us girls all shared the biggest room with a bunk bed with a double bed underneath rather than the normal single and a separate single. Mum and dad had the middle sized room and our brother had the smallest.

Became a bit difficult when we became hormonal teenagers, but we all managed!!

lexyloub Tue 07-Jul-15 10:11:53

Is a loft conversion do able for you? Put your ds in the loft and baby in the room he has now. I've just had dc3 currently on with me at the minute the 2 older boys share. Christ knows were is ds3 will go when he's older I suppose they could all share but there's an 8yr gap between 1 & 3

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