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Living arangment help!!!!

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worriedmother7787 Sat 20-Jun-15 18:28:17

So when me and the DH found out we where expecting our 10th child, we where deligted but we decided that are 3 bedroom house wasnt big enough! Obously! Me and the DH would share the sitting room and are reaming 9 children shared the 3 bedroms. So we are about to move into a 5 bedroom house. At the moment i have 6 DS's (16,14,12,10,6 and 3) and 3 DD's (18, 5 and 2). I am not going to lie I was hoping for another girl, so that I could have 2 girls bedrooms ( 2 per room) and 2 boys rooms (3 per room) But i recevied my latest scan resukts and found out i am having another boy... wait no twin boys! so 11 kids! Dont worry im stopping there. I dont know who i m going to get to share rooms. So starting late august, i am going to have 8 boys and 3 girls. I need segestions on what you would do for sleping arangments. Considering age (a factor i am struggling to get round my head) I said to my children none would get a room to themselves. But i said to the DH that if it came to it we would take sitting room again! But we would like are own room to escape to because having children from all adges is difficuilt! But I love it!

On a diffrent note we know have to name two more boys what names go with:
Charlie (Charlotte)


nousernamesleft Sat 20-Jun-15 18:34:58

I'd be tempted to put the boys into 2 rooms, possibly oldest 3/youngest 3, but in whatever combination works best.
Two younger girls into smallest room.
Eldest girl into her own room, with the understanding that the twins will go in with her once they're a bit bigger.

nousernamesleft Sat 20-Jun-15 18:35:59

Posted a bit too soon - my thinking would be that dd1 would probably be leaving for uni or whatever in the nearish future.

TravellingToad Sat 20-Jun-15 18:42:16

I'd assume dd1 will be leaving shortly. So twins in with you and dh (for quite a while I expect) then your 2 little girls in one room, and then 2 to a room for the 6 boys.

Tsotofamily Sat 20-Jun-15 20:13:49

Congratulations, I would do the same as others have said 3 eldest boys in 1 room, 3 youngest bots in another, two younger girls in one then oldest ds in on her own with the understanding twins in with her when they are older.

As for names to go along with the ones you already have

CaptainHolt Sat 20-Jun-15 20:21:05

dd1 - own room
ds1/2/3 together
ds 4/5 together (maybe with ds3)
ds6 + dd2/3 together
You and DP with twins

I wouldn't worry about mixed genders for the little ones. By the time it becomes an issue then the eldest 2 will be in their 20s and may have left.

Athenaviolet Sat 20-Jun-15 20:56:01

What size are the rooms? Are they big enough to have 2x bunk beds in them?

Is there much storage? Ie can the bedrooms just have beds in them or does all the dcs stuff go in their rooms too?

How big is the living room/kitchen?

The 18yo should have her own room now. Is she planning on moving out in the next couple of years?

Really the 16yo should have their own room too.

I imagine the 6,5,3 and 2yo have similar bedtimes so I'd put them all in together in 2 x bunks with the eldest on top. Sex doesn't matter at that age.

The twins should be in with you until 6 months anyway and will probably have to stay until 2 depending on when the eldest 2 move out.

That leaves the 14,12 and 10 yo boys together. They are getting old for bunks though so I'd give them the biggest room with 3 single beds in it.

Then when the eldest 2 move out I'd have the current 14yo in the smallest room on their own.

The 10 & 12 yo in the next smallest.

The 5 & 2 yo girls in another.

Then the 4 smallest boys in the 2 x bunk room.

Artandco Sun 21-Jun-15 08:45:19

room 1 - you, dh, and twins ( at least 2 years)
Room 2 - 4 eldest boys, 16-10 years
Room 3 -2 younger boys, 6 and 3.
Room 4 - Younger 2 girls
Room 5 - eldest girl.

Twins can move either into eldest girls room in 2-3 years if she has left home, or in with younger boys

ScorpioMermaid Tue 04-Aug-15 16:17:52

No idea about room arrangements, I struggle with our 9 in a 4 bed! though I'd be tempted to agree with what others have said re your eldest dd and the twins.

We have a Maddie, Charlotte and Oliver too and our other boys are called Tyler, Max, Liam and Zachary grin

Heels99 Tue 04-Aug-15 16:23:54

Move to a shoe?

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