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Will I know when I'm in labour?

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TheJoyOfSix Wed 03-Jun-15 14:23:23

MW gave me a confused face - since this is my 6th baby - 2 inductions & 3 natural births.

Last baby I was having stop-start contractions from about 35w .... Ended up being born at 42w!

I'm 38w now - and again - vicious contractions spaced anything from 10 to 20 mins apart - mainly in the evenings (but today I've had a few irregular ones through the day).

Is the baby more likely to come quick since I've had lots before?

Can anyone relate to knowing what actual labour feels like - but not knowing what actual labour feels like?

It's not entirely idle curiosity - since I have to factor in sorting childcare for the kids, phone DH to come home, travel the 25mins to hospital (and I really must deliver in hospital).

I have form for 'denial' - sauntering in to hospital 20mins before delivering DD1 - but not sure I can afford to be quite so laid back without risking traumatising the kids with a roadside delivery .

SaulGood Wed 03-Jun-15 14:30:34

My friend was the same with her third AND fourth. She had contractions from 37 weeks. She was in significant discomfort, they were regular and peaked. They showed up on the monitor. She wasn't dilating though.

I was her birth partner and we went to the hospital quite a few times when she was sure it was labour and she wasn't remotely effaced or dilated.

Babies were born at 40+9 and 40+10 respectively. When it happened it was quick. She woke up in the night both times and her waters broke as she got up. From calling me immediately to delivery it was around an hour with DC3 and 40 minutes with DC4.

She said in hindsight she knew when she woke up both times that it was definitely, absolutely it before she climbed out of bed but she had no warning that it was about to develop into real labour and no preparation time.

I guess all you can do is have everything ready at all times. Notes with your bags, fuel in the car etc.

TheJoyOfSix Wed 03-Jun-15 14:57:02

I know they are 'real' contractions because they effing hurt I end up losing lumps of thick jelly & being on the squits the following day.... But I also know they are not 'real' - since they aren't turning into a baby!

It's making me grumpy now!

TheJoyOfSix Wed 03-Jun-15 16:55:53

Saul - gulp - 'around an hour' in the middle of the night sounds tight!

And my waters have never broken as an 'early signal' - generally once the waters went, the baby has come surfing out on the back of them.

wearejustlikeKevinBacon Wed 03-Jun-15 20:47:47

I was the same with DCs 3 and 4, it was worse with DC4 though, so I would only presume that if I were to have any more babies it would be the same again only worse.

1 week before DC4 was born I waddled up to the school to collect the older DCs in what only could be described as labour. Everyone was amazed when I dropped them all off again the next day still pg and walking normally!

I was induced in the end. Good luck OP!!

TheJoyOfSix Wed 03-Jun-15 22:29:51

Ugh - I've spooked poor DH now - who is talking about taking annual leave next week to be 'on hand'.

I think he thinks I'm holding out on him - and deep down I must have an inkling how close or otherwise I am....

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