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After 3 c-sections and tubal ligation, if you were desperate for one more would you consider IVF or surrogacy?

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savebraveted Sun 03-May-15 15:12:11

After having my 3 beautiful DSs (youngest 16 months) I was SO relieved after my 3rd section that I was finally done and delighted to have had my tubes tied. However I am now really struggling with the idea that I will never have any more children. I cry my eyes out every time I give any baby clothes away and feel very strange and emotional every time someone close to me has a baby. My husband seems broody too.
I have had 3 C sections and feel really worried about the idea of IVF and putting my body at risk as my responsibility to my 3 children is paramount. I am 38 years old.
Does anyone have any experience of anything similar -and would surrogacy be another alternative?

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