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3rd child with step daughter!

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haylzz9109 Mon 20-Apr-15 14:58:04

Hi everyone! I am totally new to this! I am 23 and have two wonderful children. I met my partner a year ago and things moved fast and we moved in together. He has a 9 year old daughter who lives with us full time. Her mum has never been involved and she soon started calling me mum! Me and my partner have found out we are expecting a baby together and I am 8 weeks and 3 days. I am just so scared and don't know what to do! It wasn't planned and I just don't know how I will cope with 4 children. My youngest is 2 and would be 3 by the time it was born but she has only just started sleeping through and growing up! I don't know who else has 4 children but how do u manage?? Our income isn't good at the min either! We are so far behind on payment for things because my partner lost his job just after Christmas and has only just started a new one! Advice would really be appreciated xx

ItsNotTrueThough Mon 20-Apr-15 17:05:40

Are you working or studying? A year is such a short time. confused does you children's father help out with money and does he have them regularly.

haylzz9109 Mon 20-Apr-15 17:49:52

I am currently working part time. My other two children's dad does pay for them and he has regular contact. Yes a year is such a short time. It wasn't a planned pregnancy I actually had the coil in! She said it has slipped to one side which i didn't even know was possible.

lizabeth0607 Thu 04-Jun-15 16:24:13

I wouldn't over worry, things always seem to slip into place!

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