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3 children or more.. Uk?

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chloeb2002 Sun 08-Mar-15 21:36:25

Ok .. Reading these threads it seems like someone said below 3 kids in the uk is a lot.
We are in Brisbane. 3 kids here is well average!
Are there areas in the uk where more kids are more common?
We are originally from North Yorkshire. I can safely say I don't know anyone with 4 kids there. Plenty with 3. smile

PenguinsandtheTantrumofDoom Sun 08-Mar-15 23:14:06

Loads of three child families in London. Wish we were still there sometimes.

chloeb2002 Mon 09-Mar-15 08:44:07

Interesting grin
I am a bit curious. Here I have a few friends who have 4 children.

TheBookofRuth Mon 09-Mar-15 08:56:01

More than two is unusual here (south east, commuter-belt).

Tsotofamily Mon 09-Mar-15 10:59:48

Most families that i know in Gloucesterhire have 3, i know a few with 4 and 1 with 6

GreatJoanUmber Thu 12-Mar-15 20:57:23

Does anyone else find it's like a secret club that you only notice once you're part of it?
Since having my third, I've met/found out about lots more 3 kid families, and also several with 4 or 5.
I'm also SE and commuter belt btw - must be a different corner! wink

Onelittleguru Fri 13-Mar-15 18:59:08

I know of a couple with four, loads with three and one with....TEN!!! I myself have 5

shelley1977 Sat 14-Mar-15 09:41:59

most if my friends have 2 or 3 don't know any with as many as me, 5 with one due anyday and 2 step daughters

Chchchchanging Mon 16-Mar-15 22:41:24

We have 1; most of out friends have 3, though half through multiples

Jackieharris Tue 17-Mar-15 11:42:49

We are expecting number 3.

No one else I went to school or Uni with has had 3 (yet).

expectingnumber3 Thu 19-Mar-15 15:32:05

We're SE commuter belt too, and have 4dc. I know lots of people with 3dc but 2 is the norm around here.

womaninthewildsofwales Thu 19-Mar-15 15:39:40

We're in wales, I have 4 plus a step son so 5 between us and I'm trying to persuade the man shape that no. 6 would be a great idea :-D maybe it depends on living costs- round here big houses are cheap and I know loads with 4+ (although farming families tend to have lots of kids I've noticed)

chloeb2002 Fri 20-Mar-15 19:34:05

It's interesting.. Maybe larger familes 4 plus.. Just hide well wink
More room bigger home I get. We have 5 acres and a 5, soon to become 7 bedroom home for us, 4 dc and an au pair.

purplecloud123 Fri 20-Mar-15 19:38:56

I don't know anyone with three or more children. I'm in the north east.

ScorpioMermaid Sun 26-Apr-15 12:44:51

I'm expecting number 9. I know lots of families with at least 3 children. As well as people I know in general, dh is one of 7, MIL is one of 7, Dm is one of 7, sd is one of 4, gg had 14. It's normal to me!

georgievann Sun 26-Apr-15 20:33:54

2 tends to be the norm among everyone I know.

TooBusyByHalf Sun 26-Apr-15 22:59:24

Our friends have 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4. In almost equal measure - though fewer 4s. Don't know any with more.

rednsparkley Sun 26-Apr-15 23:03:26

I have 4 and the majority of my friends also have four or more or just the two - thinking on it I hardly know any with 3 I'm in the NW

NonDom Sun 26-Apr-15 23:05:35

I have five.

There are plenty of 4 or 5 children in these parts but they don't tend to be affluent, or from "nuclear" families.

quesadillas Tue 28-Apr-15 10:17:46

Two is the norm among my friends and family, and looks to be the norm around where we live. I'm accidentally having three (twins due later this year) and I do feel the odd one out already.

janinlondon Tue 28-Apr-15 10:35:51

20% of women aged 45 in the UK are childless. The average completed family size for women born in 1967 and reaching age 45 in 2012, was 1.91 children per woman. This compares with their mothers’ generation, represented by women born in 1940, who had on average 2.36 children.
Two children was the most common family size for women born in both 1940 and 1967. One in ten women born in 1967 had four or more children, compared with nearly one in five women born in 1940. Women born in 1982 have had slightly fewer children on average (1.02) by their 30th birthday than women born in 1967 who had 1.16 children by the same age.

janinlondon Tue 28-Apr-15 10:41:21

Average number of children per australian woman of childbearing age in 2012 was 1.933.

Jackieharris Tue 28-Apr-15 10:41:59

The birth rate has gone up in the last few years though.

It'd be interesting to know if this is more women having 1 DC or more women having bigger families?

jeee Tue 28-Apr-15 10:49:51

I have four dc, which doesn't stand out as a particularly large family in the town that I live in. I do live in the South East, but in a relatively cheap town which has a fair amount of larger rather run-down Victorian properties.

And certainly our decision to have four dc was based at least in part on the fact that we had a junk filled empty bedroom. If we'd lived in a more expensive area and had a three bedroomed house, with limited chances of affording a larger property I think we'd have stopped at three children.

Buttwing Sat 02-May-15 20:23:12

I have four and have lots of friends with four it's quite common. At my daughters school there are loads of families with four, quite a few with a five and a couple with six. That said it's a catholic school with lots of Irish,Italian (myself included) and Spanish families so maybe a bit more normal.
A friend of mine has just had twins babies 10 and 11!

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