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Present help, please!

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Reiltin Mon 19-Jan-15 18:44:05

My neighbour has just had her fourth girl. I'd like to get her a small pressie but I'm stumped about what that should be. Def doesn't need clothes, prob doesn't need toys. They're Muslim so I'm guessing not wine. ( Would a homemade cake work?) They're immigrants and English is not their kids' first language so I don't think a book is the right thing. I only want to spend about €10. Any ideas? When your fourth came along, what would you have liked? Thanks!

pintofmilk Mon 19-Jan-15 23:03:39

I am due my 4th in a couple of weeks.

I would love to get a homemade cake, homemade anything infact.

When I had DC 3 my neighbour bought round some homemade brownies, I could have kissed her.

If you want a present, what about a small piggie bank?

badRoly Mon 19-Jan-15 23:04:48

When I had my 4th, one of my best friends brought me a chocolate cake she'd made. It was the perfect gift for me!

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