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Tips on. Ring an organised working mum of 3

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honeydue3 Sun 11-Jan-15 22:37:42

I am due my 3rd DC soon and I am panicking as to how I am going to cope with the daily household chores of cleaning and cooking, school run for older 2 Kids, homework, chauffeuring to clubs etc
I will be going back to work after 9/10 months of maternity leave which will make things even harder!
Any tips from experienced mums going through this already.

honeydue3 Sun 11-Jan-15 22:41:48

Oops! Subject should say - tips on being an organised mum of 3

MurtleTheTurtle Mon 12-Jan-15 07:37:48

Organisation is key - I get everything ready the night before, uniforms out, school bags, coats, shoes laid out ready to go, dishwasher emptied and breakfast things laid out ready. Then, when I wake up the morning doesn't seem so daunting!

I find this follows through to work too and I answer emails right away, don't put off certain tasks etc - if I'm up to date with everything I find life much easier to cope with.

I have lists and schedules and I plan everything. It's not for everyone though - I know some large families thrive on chaos and my military approach to life leaves them horrified - it works well for me though. Currently awaiting the birth of DC5!

superzero Tue 20-Jan-15 22:36:06

Agree organisation helps,shoes ,clothes ,bags ready the night before as well as my own clothes.
I roughly know what we are going to eat each night per week.I'm not massively organised though,I don't do spreadsheets or anything.
I have a cleaner and since DC3 was 9 m have been at work 3 days per week with a nanny at home with DCs 2&3,but have always done all the shopping/laundry/cooking .
Before it actually happened I worried about how I'd do anything at all with a 3rd but in reality wasn't that bad,the problems getting out of the door on time in the morning were caused by the 2 older ones and rarely by the baby who just slotted in to family life.
If you've got 2 at school having a baby to look after in the day will seem easy as despite the nappies and erratic feeding & sleep you can just take them wherever you are going.

superzero Tue 20-Jan-15 22:45:09

Other tips are that all 3 eat together with me in the evening to save doing 2 meals (DH has leftovers as usually gets in later) and all 3 have the same bathtime storytime and bedtime.It works because they are close in age.If we're both home DH does that leaving me free to put away laundry/tidy up/go to a late night supermarket!

Misfitless Wed 21-Jan-15 09:28:00

How old are DC 1 & 2 honeydue?

Agree with everything that has been said about being organised, but I couldn't be military even if I wanted to!

My youngest three are just 5, 7 and 9. This morning, my 9yo has listened to the 5yo read, packed his own bag, filled up his water bottle etc, made his bed (I hope, haven't checked yet wink!) Delegate if you can.

Having said that, I have pretty much dressed the younger two, because it is so much quicker, and unlike their brother they sleep in much later and generally need their breakfast before they can function.

I've learned not to battle over this! It takes my 7yo an age to wake up and get moving, and i used to stand my ground and insist that she was too old for me to help her, and that she needed to get dressed before breakfast. Result: me getting angry, her getting really upset, her not having time to finish her breakfast, and everyone being miserable. You live and learn. Be organised but flexible, works best for me.

I've lost count of the times that we were late because we had no idea where they'd left their school shoes. Once I eventually found them soaking wet under the trampoline!

You'll find what works for you as you muddle through, but I wish I'd sought some advice and been told "when they take their shoes off, make sure they put them neatly on the stairs!" so they always know where they are and they're out of the way!

This might just be me, but our coat hooks are too high up for them to reach, so once bags are packed, their bags, bottles, lunches and coats are all put on a particular seat on the sofa, so that all their stuff is together and we're not all running around like headless chickens.

You'll be great!

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