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anyone's do had a vasectomy reversal?

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flippyflapper Sun 11-Jan-15 15:27:12


Just as title says really.

Do had it done about 2 years ago and at the the time it was right. It still is I guess but I can't shake the feeling of wanting 1 more sad

scaevola Sun 11-Jan-15 23:48:56

I think there's a thread in 'conception' where those TTC after reversal get together.

Apart from very rare cases where there isn't enough tube left to reattach well, the actual mechanical side of the operation generally succeeds. Whether that results in a of is a whole different question. Vasectomy can, in some men, lead to a production of anti-sperm antibodies, and though the jury's still out on exactly what effect they have, it might prevent return of normal levels of fertility.

Also, the op is not available on NHS. If you can afford it, and can live with the idea that it might not work, then I'd say go for it. You might not have another baby, but you haven't really anything to lose by trying.

Success rates generally go down the longer the time since the original sterilisation. So the sooner you and DH reach a decision, the better.

scaevola Sun 11-Jan-15 23:50:43

Conception topic thread here

flippyflapper Mon 12-Jan-15 09:11:40

Ah thank you very much. I'll have a look.

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