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MultipleMama Wed 24-Dec-14 08:32:19

The one thing I love about my big family is the chaos, craziness and children. We have family from overseas staying and it's complete madness but I love it. For Xmas dinner there will be 31 of us!

What are your plans? What do you love about large familes at Christmas?

Oh and Merry Xmas fsmile

Molotov Wed 24-Dec-14 13:51:08

I do love your threads, Multiple Mama smile You give me hope that my increasing urge to have a third child is do-able, and we'll all be the richer for it!

There will be us 4 and my parents around the dinner table tomorrow (and MolotovDog, of course - my baby in fur!). We will probably have a walk around the area where my parents live ans admire everyone's Christmas decorations, before going back to theirs and settling down for some good Christmas TV.

One thing I woke up thinking about this morning is a vision of years in the future, when it's our children and their families coming to our house for Christmas. That was a lovely thought.

Merry Christmas to you, and happy new year x

MultipleMama Wed 24-Dec-14 13:59:02

It's totally do-able. Make that your New Year's resolution! fwink

That is a lovely thought. I'd love to be Grandmother one day and spoil everyone around my table. Stop it! You're making me all teary eyed and people will look at me funny grin

I love looking at decorations. I hope you have a lovely Christmas! smile

Pregnantagain7 Sat 27-Dec-14 20:33:20

This is my first Xmas as a mum of four (baby 10 weeks) and I've loved every minute of it! Made me broody for more kids but we are done now. I've just loved the chaos and noise and them all just playing together with their toys ans having all of us at home together. We've had the my two step children over too so the six of them together has been lovely watching the older ones with the little ones is just amazing smile

Tsotofamily Tue 02-Jun-15 21:14:17

Ok I know it's a bit too early to think about Xmas but I officially got the first present today. I'm just curious at how much larger families roughly spend on each child at Xmas / even birthdays.

BeautifulLiar Sat 13-Jun-15 18:10:57

50 ish each on my three, and 50 ish for DD2's birthday (November 29th).

It never seems enough but they ey so much crap from family they don't care what I get anyway!

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