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letting number 4 go....

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EllaBel Tue 04-Nov-14 15:28:39

oooooof.. even writing that makes me want to weep. Number 4 is 3yrs and has been offered a pre-school place (5 days 8-12)starting in January and I am heartsick to let her go. The place has come up unexpectedly, I had decided not to send her til next September as she is a late June baby but the school is over subscribed for then and she may not get a place (I live in the ME and there are only a couple of schools to chose from - all her 3 siblings go to that school). Siblings get priority but the Headmistress has advised that she is unlikely to get a place (she would say that but it does ring true out here)... what to do? She is my last... she is ready but happy at home... . She doesn't NEED it now but it would be awkward come September if she didn't have a place.. on another note... I would have more babies but I know 4 is a full plate.... appreciate some sympathy or helpful comments

heliotrope Sat 08-Nov-14 20:50:07

I would send her but always love them going to school! Plus not on my fourth/last yet (due 4th in may). But for comparison in this area they would get 15hrs free the term after turning 3. And start school nursery the sept after turning 3 so she would have started half days already at our London primary. So that's when most people send them, although not compulsory!
Lovely for her to go to same place as your others tho? They will all be proud!

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