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fighting and arguing amongst siblings?

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mummyof4want5 Fri 17-Oct-14 21:56:25

what can I do regarding the constant arguing and fighting between my children? i have tried grounding them, stopping their goodies, time out taking things from them, it just doesn't faze them. as soon as my 7 year old wakes around 6.30-7am he is on top form and he is grown up in the head and makes things hard. he wakes the whole household up, torments his 10 year old sister and 9 year old brother which results in physical fighting and screaming at that time of the morning. it's beyond some days, yet other days it's quite easy and they will quit, it's like they don't get on with each other due to their close age?? any advice? x

Neverenoughhoursintheday Sat 18-Oct-14 13:14:52

No advice as I have the same problem, have tried the same techniques to no avail. Hopefully someone will come along with advice

Neverenoughhoursintheday Tue 21-Oct-14 22:04:23

Looks like its just you mummy and I :/

LongStory Sat 25-Oct-14 20:06:28

My five don't fight very much. Yes there's occasional mild violence and horrid put downs - but not anything like as much as I'd expect. I've been trying to work out why. Not sure if any of these things are related:
- crying isn't allowed downstairs. If anyone wants to cry they are welcome to go and cry in their bedrooms and come down when they're feeling happy again.
- I let them play online in their free time if they want to. We have accumulated 4 kindle fires over the years and they enjoy youtube / minecraft / games etc - so less scope for younger siblings to mess up their toys. I also think it's the closest they can get to solitary time in a busy household.
- they have accepted that most of their belongings are shared / passed down (unless paid for by pocket money). They understand (eventually) that this is better for the environment and also means we get more treats as a family.
- I don't intervene in arguments unless essential. If I spot one brewing I try and head it off / help them to understand each other. I'm much more likely to hang out with / chat to children who are behaving well.

The nastiest sibling rivalry I've seen was in a two-child family, it seemed relentless and must have driven the parents spare. At least with more children there is the chance to form and negotiate a range of allegiances!

naturalbaby Fri 12-Dec-14 09:55:53

I'm looking for tips as well. A lot of it seems to be related to the t.v (what channel to watch) or tablet (we only have 1!) so I end up banning them for the day so that they have to get used to spending time together. I'm wondering whether to just get them each a tablet and plug them into minecraft but I really worry that they'll spend all day on it and I'll get used to them playing it quietly!

Our biggest issue is the competitiveness over who gets to do things first so I go to the child that isn't demanding to be first and the other one(s) start howling that they 'need' to be first.

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