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Think I'm pregnant with No 4....

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Mothersruin75 Tue 22-Apr-14 21:01:15

I'm over a week late and I'm scared, I bought a pregnancy test today which I never thought I'd do again. I have a DC who is 5 and DTs who are 9 months. The twins were conceived after 5 rounds of icsi ivf. I was getting round to sorting out the coil but didn't really think there was much need.

So the test is sat there in it's pink box waiting, I'm going to go have a drink (of water) watch a bit of tv then test.

I'd love some positives of four children before I test as I just feel a bit panicky at the moment. I've also given myself a huge metaphorical kick up the arse as I would have given anything to be in this position in the dark days of infertility.

ForgiveMeFather Tue 22-Apr-14 21:08:29

I have 4 - it's fine. Love them all to bits (twins too) x

Misfitless Tue 22-Apr-14 21:08:44

Having 4 DCs is wonderful grin

4 was always been my magic number, and I wouldn't change it for the world.

Do the test, I'm here for hand-holding!

Fanjango Tue 22-Apr-14 21:11:21

I have 4. My twins were 22 months when number 4 was born. It was way easier than I imagined it would be. Dc4 just kind of slotted into out routine. It will be fine. Four are fab grin

Mothersruin75 Tue 22-Apr-14 21:49:13

Thanks all I'm calming down a bit, still feel shaky. Good to hear that you all sound happy (and have time to mumsnet). It would be less of an adjustment - we had to get the bigger house & car for the DTs.

DH seems quite excited and thinks we can make it work. I'm still sticking my head in the sand and thinking it's stress, my reasoning is that I'm still loving coffee and my other 2 pregnancies I couldn't touch the stuff.

I will test in a bit though I've never yet managed 2 pink lines on a first response.

Mothersruin75 Tue 22-Apr-14 22:39:43

Tested - BFP!!! In shock and not sure what to think about first.

Fanjango Tue 22-Apr-14 22:42:07

Awww. Congrats!! Don't think too much just yet, user lecture sink in and relax. It will be great smile

Fanjango Tue 22-Apr-14 22:42:46

Just let it sink in..autocorrect fail grin

DillydollyRIP Tue 22-Apr-14 22:47:15

Ah that's lovely I have 4 dc too. It's tiring sometimes sane as with any number of dc but it's great.

ForgiveMeFather Tue 22-Apr-14 22:53:05

Congratulations - fantastic news grin x

3DcAndMe Wed 23-Apr-14 06:24:50


I am jealous! My oh does not want another

Misfitless Wed 23-Apr-14 07:59:11

Oh that's such great news.

Sending big congratulations--and trying not to get all wistful and envy--

Misfitless Wed 23-Apr-14 08:00:00

My cross out thingy didn't work confused, but you get the drift!

Does DH/DP know yet? Was he pleased?

Mothersruin75 Wed 23-Apr-14 09:55:02

Thanks all, you're making me feel better. I didn't get much sleep last night - DH slept like a baby (haha if only they slept like that). DH is happy, far more than I am, but I'm going to try and get an early scan soon to check all is ok. I was due back to work in July - I won't be going back for long now! We'd arranged a nanny and I think we'd keep her on anyway, if she's happy with that. We have no family nearby so I'll need the help.

I could hear DC1 this morning saying to DT2 there open wide, I'll just take your temperature, it won't hurt. Yep you've guessed what they'd found the test . Luckily managed to get there before any end went in mouths.

Also I really need my morning coffee how much am I allowed or is it a big no? So much easier when I couldn't stand taste or smell.

Homebird8 Wed 23-Apr-14 10:00:08

Just had to say congratulations! flowers

PurpleWithaMysteryBun Wed 23-Apr-14 13:56:08

Congratulations! 200mg caffeine, usually translates as one cup of coffee smile

Misfitless Fri 25-Apr-14 14:13:13

How are youifeeling, Mothersruin?

Mothersruin75 Fri 25-Apr-14 21:09:25

Hi Misfitless thanks so much for asking I'm doing ok. I've told one friend in real life and after the initial shock she and her DH have been really supportive. We were chatting this morning and a bit of excitement hit me rather than the overwhelming what are we going to do that I've been feeling the rest of the week. Booked an early scan for Tues, might feel more real then and you can't beat that feeling when you see them on screen for first time (am getting bit excited typing that!).

One totally random thing that is worrying me and I'm trying to work out is when the DTs are just over 2 and the little one is about 10 months I'll be going back to work. We'll still hopefully have a nanny (if she doesn't run off in panic when we tell her of the new addition) and I'm trying to work out how she would transport the kids on the school run, etc, would a just over two year old be able to stand on a buggy board? The DTs could swap who is standing to not wear them out. I know this is waaaaay in the future but there's nothing like panicking about something that is over a year away.

How old are yours? What are your top tips for coping with 4?

Misfitless Sat 26-Apr-14 12:56:37

No, it's good to talk about those practical things, I think.

Glad the excitement is kicking in. I feel excited for you and I've never met you!

I'm a bit of a cheat, tbh. I do have four, but the first one is 17, then the younger ones are aged 4, 6 and 8 years. So I've never had to juggle four little ones IYSWIM.

I'm just going to check the age of your eldest as I've forgotten.

Misfitless Sat 26-Apr-14 13:04:05

So your eldest will be 6 perhaps, when the DTs arrive?

I got a double buggy that was suitable from birth at some point, it feels like another lifetime ago for me, tbh. Anyway, if you had a double buggy maybe you could have a new born and one DT in there, and a buggy board as well, with maybe the DTs taking turns?

I'm not sure if that's even feasible, tbh. There are lots on here who have four very close together, anyway, so they'll be able to help.

Enjoy the scan on Tuesday! Keep us posted x

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