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Advice on grandparents rights

(4 Posts)
Rachellx Wed 09-Apr-14 13:34:33

Hello all, im new to the forum but i needed to join a good one for some support on a current situation of mine as i dont have anyone else to turn to, My apologies if this is in the wrong part of the forum as im still getting to grips with it!!

My sitauation is, a few weeks ago i was taken to court by my OHs dad wanting to see our child, our child is now 3 and weve not heard a peep from him even since she was born, My OH has maintained some sort of relationship with him, seeing him every few months but there are alot of fall outs between them. My OH wants his dad to see our little one but i cant forgive him for many of things he has said & done.

When i got pregnant he told us to get rid, no questions, just get rid, i was accused of 'trapping' his son although our little one was and is very much wanted and loved. At 8 months pregnant, after going all this time of being told im ruining his sons life, how he doesnt want to be a dad, how hes disapointed that he never did as he had planned for him since he was little, he then told me that he hopes i give birth to a still born, apparently thats what i deserve!! & like iv said, hes not had anything to do with our little one since day 1. All of a sudden i get a court order...

I feel like iv been bullied into the mediation route, i didnt want it, i wanted to get court out the way, over and done with, why would i want to build bridges with this man? i cant just forgive and forget!

Unfortunately, mediation is almost 300 a pop, money we dont have, if we was to scrape it together we wouldnt even be able to afford supplies such as food, or pay rent/council tax! Its depressing me, our first session is friday. His dad doesnt even care that we dont have the money, he has said if i let him see her without trying to resolve anything (because he wants nothing to do with me) Then he will drop it all.

I feel like his dads problem is jealousy, im his first partner and weve been together 5 years. Hes tried all sorts to split us up, even said i cheated on my OH with a 15 year old! (Completely not true of course)

Im hoping someone may have some advice to offer? whats the chances if i refuse mediation and go to court again that he will be granted with a contact order or refused one better still?

Sorry to rant on, like iv said, iv had no one to talk to, so its been bottled up for a rather long time....

NurseyWursey Wed 09-Apr-14 13:38:57

From past threads I've read on here, grandparents really don't have many rights at all and it'd be a waste of time them pursuing anything.

I'm sure someone more knowledgable will be along soon

MyCatLovesMeSometimes Wed 09-Apr-14 13:42:46

Try posting in Legal as the solicitors who might be able to help will be on there, I suspect:


starfishmummy Wed 09-Apr-14 13:43:47

My thoughts too Nursey.

Rachellx this might do better in relationships or chat?

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