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3 DCs? what's the dynamic like?

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tostaky Tue 25-Mar-14 07:26:10

I have 3 boys, 5, 4 and 2. DB1 and BB2 used to get along just fine, I never have any issues with them fighting. now that DB3 is older, I can see his personality is much closer to DB1 than DB2. so really what is happening is DB2 is sidelined most of the time and DB3 keeps hitting him too.
I am very worried because DB2 is already a bit "sensitive" so im scared that if his brothers sideline him then he will lose all his self esteem...
any tips on how to make the situation better?
im currently on chapter 1 of " sibling rivalries"

littlepeas Tue 25-Mar-14 11:38:29

Mine are the same ages but two boys and a girl, with the girl in the middle. I worried about this a while ago, as the boys seemed to be forming a strong bond, with ds1 saying things like 'I love ds2, but not dd', but they are all getting on really well at the moment. I think you may find that it goes in phases - sometimes 2 will hit a stage where they have lots in common and it seems like one is left out, but then they move on. I think the most important thing is that YOU treat them all equally (which I'm sure you do) - the most textbook middle child I know is my sil, and she definitely feels hard done by by mil, not her siblings.

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