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Will I always feel broody??

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Linnielou5 Thu 21-Nov-13 11:36:15

Hello! I don't normally post on forums much but need to talk about this. I just had my 3rd baby 8 weeks ago, an adorable little boy, my two other children are dd 6 and a ds 4. I've always wanted 3 kids and imagined having 2 girls and a boy, a boy first an then 2 girls. So when I was pregnant 1st time I thought I'd have a boy but what a lovely surprise, I got a girl, second time round I then assumed I'd have another girl but I got my ds1. We waited before having a 3rd as we wanted to enjoy another baby as it would be the last. All through my pregnancy I told everyone that this was definately the last, we didn't find out the sex, after having one of each I didn't mind but in my mind thought I would get a girl after all thats what I imagined having, 2 girls and a boy. Anyway out popped my ds2, surprised but instantly fell in love with him and I can honestly say out of all 3 I was the most smitten wIith this wee guy. For the first few weeks I was certain my family was complete but Im now feeling there is still someone missing and would like no. 4. Lots of people thought I was mad having a 3rd so dread to think the reaction I would get to a 4th. Is it hormones, do I want a girl to even things up, what if i got another boy, I really don't know. I know I would wait a couple of years before trying for another but what if I did have another would this broody feeling slowly creep over me again?? Also I have no desire to be pregnant again and my last labour was the most painful but would do it all again. Sorry the post is long but can anyone answer my question do you ever stop feeling broody??xx

littleraysofsunshine Thu 13-Mar-14 09:44:10

I'm nearly 25, have 3.5,almost 2, and 6 week old. I feel the same, I get very broody especially when I look back to when I gave birth (luckily I had amazing experiences albeit painful, but empowering)
But each baby I've had I don't see them being my last?

littlepeas Thu 13-Mar-14 11:04:20

Dc3 was supposed to be my last baby, but I never really felt that he was - he is 2.5 now and we're ttc number 4. There are much smaller gaps between dcs 1, 2 and 3, so it did take us a while to decide!

RecentlySpotted Thu 20-Mar-14 20:45:27

I felt so broody for years, but particularly after I had given birth (bizarrely!). I think some of it must be hormonal. Don't feel broody now though.

devoniandarling Thu 27-Mar-14 14:04:26

I have four Dcs, two girls, two boys. I have just convinced dh to ttc number 5. I never wanted to say that I had "enough" and whilst everyone will think we are mad I am desperate for dc5. I have dd1, who is 11, ds1, 7, ds2, 6 and dd2 4. I've been good and stuck to the contraceptives since dd2 was born but am having my coil removed a week on Monday.

cakeforme Sun 04-May-14 21:29:58

Hi. I am so glad to have found this post. We have two gorgeous ds, 5 and 3. I always wanted children and was incredibly broody from around age 12 with my younger cousins. I used to be so impatient that my aunties and mum 'hogged' all the baby holds especially the newborn ones. I managed to wait until I was 35 before having my first - how heaven only knows ha ha! When ds1 was born I was fine as I knew we'd have a second. But even when ds2 was just a few weeks old I started to get broody even though he had horrendous colic and it really wasn't a good time!!

Dh is adamant that two is enough and is fabulously happy with our two boys. But still I long for a third as in my head a always loved the idea of a big crazy family. Although I have had to admit to myself that if I am truly honest I am broody to be pregnant and have a newborn not necessarily another toddler (fun but very hard years!).

I have a mirena coil but spent many a google search looking for mirena babies and frequently fantasised about being one of the 0.01% to get pregnant on a Mirena. Rediculous. And due to irregular bleeding gp has now prescribed mini pill on top so it is really not going to happen.

Two of my colleagues are pregnant at work which is great for regular baby chat but doing nothing for my broodiness and bump envy!

I'm 40 now and as well as thinking I'd have three also thought I'd be done breeding by 40 so I'm hoping I miraculously stop being broody on my 41st birthday.

I'm even half looking forward to the menopause to remove the temptation!! I could never have an 'accident' but I so wish that it would happen none the less as dh would be fine with it and we'd manage somehow financially. I'd be a bit scared though of the stress levels as I am a bit of a stress bunny. So all in all two is our family but I'll always be broody....


Foxeym Sat 05-Jul-14 16:08:51

I have 2DDs and thought I was done and then 15 years later along came DS1 at the ripe old age of 42. I couldn't be happier and absolutely love him to bits, we are thinking about no4 even though it may not happen now I'm 43 but what will be will be.

Xcountry Sat 05-Jul-14 16:23:53

I have 4 - still broody. Never going to change I don't think.

sweetkitty Sat 05-Jul-14 16:30:35

I have four and DP has just been for the snip, all I felt was relief, no sadness at never being pregnant again. I feel finished with babies now DS is four.

Mumof3xox Sun 06-Jul-14 07:25:45

I need a fourth

Dp says no

How mean

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