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Does anyone else have moments of awe at the volume of food cooking?

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OodaresingingoftheDoctorDonna Fri 01-Nov-13 12:22:42

or am I now that sad

There's ' only' 6 of us including a baby & toddler but as dh does shifts/teens are out I don't cook for 6 at once that often.
Just used my old pan from when I was a single parent to dd1/2. It used to do the potatoes and now its used for peas & corn while I have a bucket sized pan for the mash.

Annunziata Fri 01-Nov-13 15:24:49

Yes! I was number 7 of 8 growing up and I have 7 of my own. Normal pots and pans look like baby toys to me!

5madthings Fri 01-Nov-13 15:29:55

Yep seven here, four boys and then toddler dd, the body eat loads!

We had to buy a bigger saucepan for pasta/potato's etc.

Tbh I am used to it now but we stayed with my sister recently and she has one ds and her husband and she felt like it was cooking for the five thousand and was a military operation.

The sheer quantities of milk, bread, cheese, cereal etc we be through is quite something.

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