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Advice on family from HELL, Horrible Dogs and Council

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Mumof3girlys Tue 24-Sep-13 00:03:02

Hi wasn't sure where to post this so thought I would start here!

Basically I live in a lovely little village that that's about 40 council houses on a small estate (I live in one) now it's a lovely area except for this god awful family, she is a single parent with 8 children and 4 big horrible bulldogs!
She has been here for about 8 years and has been close to being kicked out before! Her and her children make everyone's life a misery, in the last month they have been drug raided 3 times, her dogs are NEVER walked but are just let out daily to roam the village alone, my daughter has been chased by her dogs weekly, a neighbours cat was killed on her front lawn by these dogs and when police went to see her she told them the dogs couldn't of done it as they had died 2 weeks ago!!!! The police just took her word for it and Half hour later they were out again and today a neighbour was attacked by one of these dogs walking from his front door to his car!

They have been reported to the council the dog wardens etc but no one seems to be able to touch them! They just seen to be able to get away with doing whatever they want! She is especially making my lovely neighbour and her young children's life a misery ( even shouting abuse at her 3year old)

So basically what I'm asking is does anyone have any advise on who we should be contacting to get this issue sorted! For a start these poor dogs need a proper caring home where they get proper exercise


poppingin1 Tue 24-Sep-13 00:12:39

You can't just contact people as they are likely to fob you off.

You have to start documenting all anti social behaviour including video footage where possible. Obviously you have to try and keep your head down in the process and it would help if other neighbours can join in with efforts.

Solid proof is necessary including all neighbours affected making group complaints to council.

AnotherStitchInTime Tue 24-Sep-13 00:18:33

You need to get together with your neighbours and make a collective complaint with times and dates of events. The more people complain and report, the easier it will be for the council to build a case for eviction through the courts. Every time something happens people need to report to the council housing officer and anti-social behaviour team. Contact the Safer Neighbourhood Team for your area and ask for a meeting between you, your neighbours who are affected, them and the council ASB team. The neighbour who was attacked today by the dog must report it to the Police too.

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