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Roald Dahl dress up - aargh

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FedupofTurkey Wed 18-Sep-13 11:43:48

Got 3 to do and no money! Anyone got any easy non sewing/buying ideas!! All boys

MrsMcEnroe Wed 18-Sep-13 11:48:52

DS "dressed up" as Danny (Champion of the World) last Friday.

He wore jeans, trainers and a hoody.

(He had a hospital appointment halfway through the school day and did not want to wear his first-choice of costume - Mr Twit - out in public).

Other easy options for boys: they could dress as James (Giant Peach) - get a pumpkin to carry instead of a peach, or an orange balloon..???

Charlie Bucket - just wear clothes that are slightly too small and a bit grubby

I know this isn't really in the spirit of the thing but it might help...?? grin

raspberryshake Wed 18-Sep-13 11:49:25

Normal clothes and a foil wrapped choccy bar, or a hand-made golden ticket? Charlie and the chocolate factory? Orange face paint (if you already have it) and white trousers ( again only if you already have them) Oompa Loompa? James from James and the Giant Peach (normal clothes and a peach?) George from George and his marvellous medicine (normal clothes and an empty calpol bottle with a spoon?!) grubby clothes, eyelinered beard on face... Mr Twit? smile

WetGrass Wed 18-Sep-13 11:51:00

Roll a piece of A4 into a cone & wear as a hat. Brown clothes & a bag of raisins.

Pheasants from DCOTW!

WetGrass Wed 18-Sep-13 11:51:38

Chewing gum -> violet from willy wonka

WetGrass Wed 18-Sep-13 11:52:55

Do you already own any mouse ears - or headbands +glued on ears?

Claim to be a child half way to being transformed into mouse from the Witches.

KoalaFace Wed 18-Sep-13 11:53:19

Girls or boys?

1) George from George's Marvellous Medicine. A big bottle with "GEORGE'S MARVELLOUS MEDICINE" written on. Maybe a pan and ladle?

2) Matilda. A big book and hair bow.

3) The Twits. Send them as scruffy and dirty looking as possible.

WetGrass Wed 18-Sep-13 11:53:31

Gloves -> definitely a witch.

Even better matched with misshapen shoes

crazykat Wed 18-Sep-13 11:58:43

We had this last week but it was DD so used last years Halloween costume.

Do they have and old/play clothes that are nearly or ready to be binned?(mine have a few tops for park/garden) Grubby them up by putting in with a dark wash and go as one of the twits.

willyoulistentome Wed 18-Sep-13 12:03:46

We did Charlie Bucket by just wearing old too small clothes, as threadbare as possible. We made a Golden Ticket out of gold Christmas wrapping paper over card board

WorkingtoohardMama Wed 18-Sep-13 12:07:48

For Augustus Gloop, I put some padding under ds's vest, so his shirt buttons wouldn't meet and he took a golden ticket.

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