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Anyone have "two families"?

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Ghirly Fri 16-Aug-13 01:15:35

I have 4 DCs.
Married young and had DD (now 22) and DS (almost 18)
Then marriage broke down and I now have what people call my 'second family' a DS of 8 and a DD of 2.

My eldest is very traditional and likes us to do 'family stuff' - even my 17 year old is family orientated and likes our days out.

Thing is I struggle finding things to do that suit us all - a 22 year old plus a 2 year old!

Yesterday we did a 'treasure trail' (murder mystery type game) through the scenic town of St Andrews, the elder three loved it but my 2 year old thought she was going in a treasure hunt and couldn't understand why she didn't find her 'treasure' at the end!

Anyone in the same boat who can suggest activities we can all do and enjoy together?
I'm fed up with bowling and swimming!!

P.s. I'm a single parent too so no partner to split the kids with.


Ghirly Fri 16-Aug-13 01:17:31

Just to add we are all sports mad so we all have football season tickets and we also love going to the basketball, something different for a change would be nice

Mosman Mon 02-Sep-13 10:30:11

Hats off to you I struggle trying to find something my 13 year old likes or will tolerate that the three year old will enjoy.
Soundsa like the footy is the way to go.

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