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Views on trying for number 3, all with big age gaps

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Linziloop Tue 21-May-13 22:05:11

Hi All,

I've got two lovely boys, ds1 is 10 and ds2 is 3. Me and dh had resigned ourselves to thinking we wouldn't have any more, as the age gap now would be at least 4 years between ds2 and number 3, and there is already a 7 year age gap between ds1 and ds2. I want to be fair to my oldest and don't want him to miss out on doing nicer grown up things with us because we are busy with babies all the time, but I really really want another one.

I've always wanted a big family but finances have dictated otherwise, but we now think we could afford a third, has anyone else got 3 or more with similar age gaps and what are the pros / cons?

I also have a career that I have worked very hard at over the last 11 years, I now hold a reasonably senior position and it requires a lot of my time, I couldn't possibly manage 3 children and a full time job with all the pressures it brings, but it's such a huge decision to turn my life around completely by giving up the only job I know and becoming a full time mum to 3.

Please someone tell me you've done it and it was all for the best, because I really would love another one!

discotequewreck Tue 21-May-13 23:11:52

I am a sahm to a 7 and 4 year old and long for another.

My problem is space and not sure we can afford to move though my dh has a good income.

Such a hard decision!

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