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Pregnant with twins, again.

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MultipleMama Wed 24-Apr-13 23:37:50

Not been on this thread but thought my family would fit right in - hopefully!

I have ds1 & dd (4 & 24mo), and dts boys (7mo) and I found out I'm expecting dts again!

I brought it on myself , I know and they were planned but was wondering how others cope with dc with small age gaps. Sometimes I think I'm way over my head and that I'm going insane.

amazingmumof6 Thu 25-Apr-13 03:52:36

congratulations and wow, what fantastic news, you are truly blessed!

we also have 6 (oldest 11, youngest just turned 1) and I love it and really want more!
so what if I'm tired?
It's fab to have a large family and although hard work, it is wonderful that they will be able to share so much!

It's very important that you keep healthy and look after yourself - I used to take multivitamins, fish oils, acidophilus capsules and Solgar gentle iron to keep me going and ward off illnesses. pg and ill is awful.

you will need lots of help from family & friends - also ask your gp or midwife to pu t you in touch with Surestart, dedicated charity to help young families in the home.
mums with older kids and a bit of time are the helpers, who will do no domestic chores as they are volunteers, but will play with the kids while you feed babies or watch the newborn while you aer having a nap or a bath.

things like batch cooking and freezing meals ahead, getting a cleaner (best £20 I spend every week!), lowering standards and being generally well organized will help on a practical level.

how to actually cope with the kids is one of those easier-said-than- done things - you know you need to be loving, patient, inventive at problem solving, pay attention and keep them entertained and so on, but after almost 12 years as a mum I still wonder how to do it successfully!
I hope someone will know the answer!

lifesisabiatch Thu 25-Apr-13 04:06:18

Wow that's all I can say, congrats to you and your lovely family.
Let me join you, I'm here to learn.

MultipleMama Thu 25-Apr-13 22:48:25

Thanks for the advice and tips amazing. I try to look after myself as much as possible. I'm Vegetarian but taking everything I need to advised by my consultant (consultant-led as high risk birth due to being twins).

I'll talk over the cleaner with dh and I have my father and cousin not too far away for help. We pretty much have organisation and routines set up already. I think I "cope" pretty well it's just overwhelming to be adding 2 not 1 addition haha.

Leafmould Fri 26-Apr-13 10:47:14

Amazing mum of 6, I think your suggestions are great, however I think you may be confusing sure start with home start.

Sure start is not a charity it is government funded.

Home start is a charity which offers support for families.

I think.

It is definately worth finding out what you have in the way of these services in your locality, because it does vary.

amazingmumof6 Fri 26-Apr-13 16:53:41

leafmould yes, you are right, it is Home-start! sorry everyone!

I always confuse that with Sure start (is that a job agency?) and Start-right (kids shoes)...

I need a PA!!!! grin

MultipleMama Fri 26-Apr-13 17:52:43

I'll be sure to talk everything over with dh right he's already looking into doing the nursery and birth plan! damn him and hos lists lol

amazingmumof6 Fri 26-Apr-13 17:53:58

I love lists, tell him he's my friend! good man!

MultipleMama Fri 26-Apr-13 21:04:29

He has lists for everything, shopping, expenses, activities etc all on spreadsheets on his home laptop. Totally OCD mad with it! Haha smile

amazingmumof6 Fri 26-Apr-13 21:19:24

and now you have a list of his lists! grin

so have you manged to start figuring things out?

ThreeBeeOneGee Fri 26-Apr-13 21:22:41

Well I had similar age gaps to you, but stopped after the two singletons and the first set of twins! grin At least you know you have the systems and skills in place to cope. Do look after yourself though; two twin pregnancies in such a short space of tine is a challenge on the body.

MultipleMama Fri 26-Apr-13 22:05:19

As we're managing fine now, and are coping well. We've decided to look around for a cleaner because I think it'll be a wise investment and save me stressing and him worrying if I'm doing too much.

GF already takes ds and dd on Mon and Fri but since dts are now taking learner bottles as well as breast I may ask him to take them as well so I can have 2 days to fit in me time and look and do a bit crafts.

So we're on our way to figuring it out.

Three I try. I try not to do too much and dh is great at knowing the signs and glaring at me until I lie down.

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