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Pregnant with number 4. Arrrrrgh!

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lou132 Fri 12-Apr-13 05:46:07

So here i am, 5 weeks pregnant with number 4. Very unplanned & shocked but starting to get over that bit now. Was on coil but it became partly expelled & had to ave it removed mid cycle 3 Weeks ago. looks like doing the deed 2 days before this has resulted in pregnancy! I have 3 boys, 6,5& 1 already & my famiy was complete! Please tell me what 4 is like compared to 3! We live in a 3 bed house, have a 5 seater car. Im just having a wobble how its going to work. Due 11th dec! Love to hear from you for a bit of hand holding & support xxxxx

5kidsnobump Fri 12-Apr-13 19:43:02


4 is fine, a little bit busier than 3 but not too bad. What will the gap be between DC3 & 4? I had my first 2 close together, and then my second 2 close together as well - they are now 6,5,2 and 1. We managed to have a surprise 5th baby as well who is 5 months now! I find the oldest 4 do tend to play in pairs, so in that respect it works really well!

The car is a bit of a pain, we ended up getting a grand picasso - fits everyone in but not much boot space unfortunately, but we 5th was completely unplanned (found out we were pregnant about 2 weeks before DH had the snip shock ) but he has been a brilliant baby - definately wouldn't be without him now wink

lou132 Fri 12-Apr-13 20:48:43

Thanks hun. Congratulations on baby number 5!

I think you are right about pairs, ie oldest 2 have 14mths between then & we will have 20mths between 3 & 4 so it sound perfect.

How does it work bedroom wise?

Many thanks xxx

5kidsnobump Fri 12-Apr-13 21:18:33

I had 11 months between DC1 & 2, then 3 years between DC2 & 3 (would have been closer but took longer to conceive DC3 grin), 13 months between DC3 & 4 and 14 months between DC 4 & 5!

We have a 4 bed house - DC1 & 4 are girls, and DC2,3 & 5 are boys. Currently have the 2 girls together and 2 oldest boys together, and baby is on his own in the box room. We are thinking of putting all the boys together in the biggest room and separating the girls when DC4 goes into a bed, as she is a complete monkey and I think she will get into all her older sisters stuff! The boys all seem to get on really well together and actually prefer sharing to being on their own!

I guess for you the bedroom situation may very much depend on whether DC4 is a boy or a girl. My 2 oldest (a girl and a boy) did share for a while though - I think it's fine when they're young, it's only as they get older it becomes an issue. Also I guess it depends on the different personalities. How are they currently sharing?

LimeLeaffLizard Fri 12-Apr-13 22:54:46

Congratulations Lou!

I've just had a 4th and we have a 3 bed house. Currently DC1 and 2 share (both boys) and DC3 and baby will share (boy and girl) - but baby currently sleeps in our room in her basket. In the long run we hope to extend to get a fourth bedroom but we'll always have 2 sharing. When we get the extension I think DS1 will be ready for his own space but over time they'll have to take it in turns as to who shares.

I'm coping ok with a 4th. I think if you're still in the 'baby stage', which you must be, with a 1 yo, then it isn't too much of a shock.

Since you have 3 boys already, be prepared for dozens of 'trying for a girl?' type comments!

Hello 5kids! How are you doing now? Are you well again?

5kidsnobump Mon 15-Apr-13 09:29:40

Hi Limeleaf, yes I am fine thanks! Just about managing. Thankfully we are at the end of the easter hols now - its very hard work with all 5 of them at home all day! How are things with you?

Our ideal plans for housing everybody also include a nice big extension, but that will depend on costs!

Did anyone ever get around to starting a new thread for the 'post baby' bit of our pregnancy thread, or is everyone just too busy grin

whimsicalname Mon 15-Apr-13 12:39:02

Congratulations OP. We've just had our 4th (all boys) so have 8, 6, 2 and 3m. I'd always wanted 2 pair s to play together, and i'm extremely lucky that it's worked out like that. It's not always easy, but I'm rather of the opinion that worthwhile things tend not to be.

Bedroom wise, the older boys share, the 2yo has his own room and the baby's I'm with us (although he also has a small room for when the time comes). I think in a couple of years though we'll swap round so the bigger boys have their own rooms, and the little ones share.

LimeLeaffLizard Mon 15-Apr-13 23:13:46

Glad you're well again 5kids. I am really well, but like you ready for the easter hols to be over! Back to school tomorrow. I haven't spotted a postnatal thread - perhaps I should start one on this board...

whimsical - you're so right, things that are really worth having are always hard work at some point!

3peasinapod Tue 16-Apr-13 12:08:06

Hi Lou,

Just found out I'm expecting no 4 also!! Exciting times. We only decided to try mid cycle this month and that's all it took... I had a mis after Xmas so I am a little scared. Fingers crossed this little bean will stick.

I have 3dds 7,6,4 so have a good gap, I may have to have a 5th to keep no 4 company.. Lol.

Here's to a happy and healthy pregnancy...

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