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Bunk Cots, any experience?

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EntWife Mon 08-Apr-13 11:18:59

DC3 will be arriving in late august. Presently DSD(10) and DD1(3) share a room (DSD is only here 6 days a month) and DD2 (10 months) has the box room.

DD2 will only be 15 months when DC3 arrives. the master bedroom is quite small and we will struggle to have DC3 in there for very long. My babies are usually very long and outgrow the moses basket quiet quickly.

Currently the plan is for baby to go the box room with DD2 once they have outgrown the moses basket (probably around 3 months). The room is small but i think we could manage it and it still be a functional nursery with room for nappy changing etc if we go with some form of bunk cot.

Has anyone used them? I think DD2 would be fine in the bottom bunk as a toddler bed but would be interested to know how people got on with the baby in the top cot. I am quite tall, 5'9 so think that so long as the side rail lowers to get the baby in and out it should be fine but would love to hear anyone's practical experience of this. It is a lot of cash to drop on something on faith.

Also, open to any other sleeping arrangement suggestions!

MrsLettuce Mon 08-Apr-13 11:53:57

Is your bedroom the biggest? I'd be tempted to put all the DC together in the biggest room with bunks and a cot bunk then use the box room for toys and changing.

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