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teenagers and bedrooms

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rotavirusrita Tue 26-Mar-13 11:17:09

This is a question for those of you with older children and more children than bedrooms!
We currently have three boys aged 9, 6 and nearly 4. We live in a detached house with 3 double bedrooms and dont ever want to move.
I would like a dc4 but we're worried about the praticalities when they are older. Do you're older children share? Are they ok with it? Do you use bunks or separate rooms. Currently we could partition one of the rooms and so they could each get their own room..... I shared as a teenager and hated it so im after some other perspectives. Thanks

NAR4 Thu 28-Mar-13 09:37:01

My oldest and youngest teenager share a room and the middle one has his own room. (Younger DCs also share a room). My DSs don't mind sharing but do occassionally moan when tidying their room that any mess was made by the other one (of course they never make any mess themselves).

The two that share have seperate beds. Their choice to ditch the bunk beds. The one in his own room has bunk beds though and the youngest teenager sometimes chooses to sleep in there instead.

It used to be that my oldest had his own room when the other two played together more (pre-teen years).

I shared my room as well when I was a teenager, but never minded.

When they were all in primary school I had them all in one bedroom and had the other bedroom as a playroom. That way I could remove all toys from the bedroom, which made getting the middle one (who has ADHD) much easier to get to sleep.

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