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Pros to having more than one

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butterflyroom Tue 12-Feb-13 21:32:55

Thanks amazing x

amazingmumof6 Sat 09-Feb-13 00:13:38

pros : DS5 adores baby DD (we all do!).

she was crying the other day (few weeks ago) and as soon as DS5 heard, he ran into the room, sat next to her and said : " Don't cry Lizababa, I'm here!" then he put his arm round her shoulder and gave her lots of kisses

I have tons of these, but this is the most recent "melt-your-heart" moment.

I'm sure there are lots of reasons not to have another one, (health problems probably the biggest reason), but to me most of the "cons" can be overcome or at least re-evaluated.

yes, they are tiring and there's so much to do, and the money you spend on them is crazy and you need more time and energy you don't have, to pay enough attention to everyone - the list is endless.
but I don't know if any of that matters, really.

I know a lot of people who regret not having another one when they could have, but I have never met anyone who said they wished not having their youngest!

And I'm saying these while having daily battles with myself whether we should go for number 7!

I hear this "I'm done" phrase a lot. some people just know that they've met their full capacity and simply would not contemplate having any more children.
you seem to have a a couple of years at least to decide what you want - if you think you do go for it now, it could take a while to get pg! or it migt not happen and than that's your answer!

I think you should to this mental exercise - imagine you've done a pregnancy test and the result is positive, how do you feel? what are your thoughts? write them down

the next day imagine that you'v done a test but the result is negative. how do you feel this time? write it down.

compare. you might just have your answer right there!

butterflyroom Fri 08-Feb-13 22:12:23

Hardly larger families but not sure where's the best place to post.

I have one DS aged 5. His Dad and I split when he was one but we're on good terms. Been with (new) DP for nearly 3 years. He has no children. Pretty easy and happy as we are. I have a good, pretty well paid job but debt so money is tight. He's not too fussed about having any more children but I'm feeling increasingly broody. DS is quite happy and used to being an only so the easy option would be to keep the family as is. But.....I'd love to hear your stories/opinions on the pros and benefits of having more AND any difficulties. Really need to make a final decision as I'm no spring chicken (37). Thanks so much in advance.....

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