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Anyone selling Multimac??

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Codan Mon 21-Jan-13 00:56:05

Expecting DC4 soon but don't want to change car to 7 seater. Anyone selling or know where to source a 2nd hand multimac &/or minimac??

Rachelco Wed 06-Mar-13 21:20:21

I am also looking for a multimac. Is anyone selling one?

CherryPie3 Thu 02-May-13 09:17:40

Also looking into this. I think the multimacs might be 'too young' to have a large used market. If that makes sense, they're quite new aren't they?

Will keep looking anyway, not even expecting dc4 but looking into costs etc just in case we do decide. I love my Mégane and the tax is only £30 for the year! Don't want to give that up yet!

Neenz Sat 14-Sep-13 22:48:33

I have a four seat multimac plus minimac and two headrests for sale. We're in Merseyside

Loveyouthree Sun 15-Sep-13 12:36:19

How much, Neenz?

Kittyzcool Tue 11-Apr-17 09:45:49

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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