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Am 7.5 months preg and first child is 1yr 4 months. ANY ADVICE?!

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DreamyParentoid Fri 04-Jan-13 23:56:06

Hello smile

Having got Xmas out of the way I am now turning my attention to the fact that I am about to have another baby! I wondered if you have any recommendations about things that its good to get prepared before a second child comes along so as to ease the transition?

I am a little nervous as DD1 and I have been very close, she has never been that interested in anyone else (apart from her Dad who works long hours) and I don't know how she will take to the new baby having my attention.

Other features she spends 2 afternoons a week at a very good local nursery and she is sleeping a futon in her own room. That said I normally end up sleeping with her when she wakes in the night so we wake together. I always put her to bed and she has been going to sleep at a regular time with a bottle of formula. She is weened and my milk has dried up. But she was horribly ill with a high temperature and cough for a couple of weeks over xmas and I then have had a equally horrid cough and she has ended up suckling to get to sleep again if my coughing is bad. Which is an annoying backwards move... So sleep is a thing that I am gearing up to trying to sort out a bit better.

Any recommendations or tips very gratefully received x

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