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Pg with dc 3#

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Pippa2525 Sun 02-Dec-12 08:56:06

Hi I'm sure you all get a lot of this but I just found out I was pg with dc 3# last week and I'm freaking out a bit.
One minut I am over the moon and the next I'm hyperventilating. My ds is 3 3/4 and my dd is 23 months. I am with both children 24/7 and my DH studies at college and works to keep enough money coming in. We don't receive benifets and although we do ok ATM (I'm good at budgeting) I worry that with the 3rd we will not be able to manage. I love my dc with a passion but I'm so scared about this one.
I would never consider getting an abortion and I don't actually want one. I want this baby as much as I wanted my other two.
Sorry not really sure what I expect anyone to say blush just need a bit or re-assurance x

notnagging Sun 02-Dec-12 14:40:16

I had ds1 then twins ! so no choice whether to have a third. I've just had my fifthsmile somehow you manage.adjust your spending, do a budget, go through your bills and see where you waste & where you could save.

mumoftwoboysS Tue 04-Dec-12 13:43:55

Not sure I can offer any advice but try not to worry! Like notnagging says, things will work out- especially if you're careful with money and good at budgeting. I've got 2 dc's exactly the same age! (tho 2 boys) and would love to have another dc, but at the moment OH keeps saying 'so are we agreed we're not having any more?' whilst I keep ferreting all the old clothes away in the loft just in case I can change his mind! I dream of getting pregnant again! Just focus on the positive and how wonderful it'll be when dc3 is here- at least you can recycle ds's clothes and maybe think about making some money whilst pregnant- crafting is a on the up at the moment- if there's ANYTHING you think you could make and sell then it could make extra cash? I'm thinking about it as I've been made redundant and work out there is sparse.

anyway good luck and hope it all goes well

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