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How do you budget?

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Littleraysofsunshine Sat 20-Oct-12 20:22:57

What are your hot tips?

mrsfuzzy Sun 21-Oct-12 00:45:52

when i save money on a bogof deal or the like i try to put the cash equivant that i 'saved' into a jar, saved bus fares-i walk everywhere. etc i call it the saved savings jar tin, i used those sealed tins from poundland and when the tin is full open it and count it out, on average we can save around £80 -£100 pm, the coinage is changed in to notes and put in a seperate sealed tin. saved savings paid for a weeks holiday and plenty of spending money for the 7 of us this year [we stayed in england], it's so easy, you don't need to save every single penny but saving even £20 a month this way soon adds up.

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