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Nits and larger families...

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imip Thu 20-Sep-12 22:08:29

So Dd1 5, dd2 4 and dd3 2 have had nits/lice twice since August. I bug busted the first time (following NHs recommendations) but it is hard work as I am doing it alone (dh working long hours) and I don't think I got it properly as they got it again and it is now going around the school. This time I have used henadrin (the overnight product). I know I should go through with a nit comb again afterwards, but it is hard work as dd4 7months usually wants to be feed/held etc. any hints/tips? Am sitting them in front of tv when using nit comb, they are pretty good (except for dd3 but I cannot expect much). should I just go down the chemical route? Dd1 has beautiful long thick hair, dd2 and 3 shoulder length and less thick. Thankfully dd4 has no hair. Any advice gratefully received!

BigFatLegsInWoolyTIghts Fri 21-Sep-12 00:15:30

My sister has 4 DC and has tried it ALL. She now says the only way is to use copious amounts of cheap conditioner and a nit comb. She says to smother their heads in the conditioner and then run nit comb through thoroughly. Once that is done, then let it sit for half an comb again and rinse and wash.

It kills them. She says to do it a couple of says running and they'll be gone.

BeattieBow Sun 23-Sep-12 16:06:23

yes, combing.We buy the cheapest basics conditioner from Sainsburys and have a nitty gritty comb and comb twice a week. Also hedrin every 7 days if you spot anything - I've just discovered that you can get this free on the minor ailment scheme which helps. I put the hedrin on over night on a saturday night and the children have a shower on Sunday morning. I then nit comb on Monday night and another time in the week. Then start again with Hedrin on the Saturday night! I also sometimes do the nit combing in front of the television with the children sitting on a big towel on the floor. That seems to make it more painless.

I have dds and ds2 with long, tangly hair too and it is a pain I agree!

imip Thu 27-Sep-12 06:45:20

Yes, it is as I feared! No short cuts! I used the nit comb over the weekend while dh was around, but massively hard during the week as he has been coming home around bedtime, so using it in conjunction with hedrin. Dd3 is difficult, but doable in front of the tv. Thanks for yr replies!

Bumpstart Fri 28-Sep-12 23:05:23

Need to do it regularly. I think the advice is every 3 days. You could try doing one kid per day and rotating. After 10 days or so they should be gone

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