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what space do you need more of as a big family?

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uptherear Mon 17-Sep-12 18:33:11

We have 3 dc at the moment. 2dd share at the moment and ds has his own smaller room. We also have an attic room with a fixed ladder which when ds has stopped getting up in a trance for the loo would consider him going up there and so all in own bedrooms.

We have some money which we might use to put on a little extension but at this stage we are not sure if we would be better with another lounge, another bedroom with an ensuite or if we should build a small self contained summerhouse.

We currently have 3 bedrooms, attic room, lounge, 1.5 bathrooms, utility rm and a conservatory.

We are thinking we'd like 4dc so not sure we even finished having kids but for those of you further down the line which space do you need most and what would you like more of?

I am swaying towards summer house as I think the kids could use it when they have friends round and it would be seperate to the house so less noise etc for everyone else. But Dh thinks we need more space integral to the house.


Hopeforever Mon 17-Sep-12 18:35:48

I'd want to have a space for the kids to chill that was far enough away from the rest of the house so that noise wasn't a problem, a summerhouse that was heated sounds great or a a loft conversion in our case. At the moment they ave the garage but it's too old in the winter.

Also an extra shower room is v important!

surfingluby Thu 20-Sep-12 13:02:36

We have 3 DC, 11 yr old DD has very small bedroom and we have 8yr old twins DS & DD who share. We have tried every option, the girls sharing with boy on his own, twins ended up getting in bed with each other in night. Own rooms, again the twins would end up together again! We are in a smaller house now so they have no choice but to share with the eldest in her own room. I do wonder when they get older if they will want privacy but I kinda think it's not gunna be a big deal as they are so used to sharing and seem to like it but then they are not children that will play in their rooms, they like company and would rather be downstairs with all of us so for us as a family space downstairs and in the garden is important. My DCs use their room for sleeping and that's it! We have number 4 on the way and when it leaves our room we won't think anything of putting 3 in one room, bunk beds and a single because if they did have their own rooms it would be a waste! I would rather have a dining room and 3 bedrooms than no dining room and 4 bedrooms as we love sitting at the table and they do their homework at the table too!
Think it all depends on how they use their rooms and what kind of family you are :-)
Good luck x

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