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Arguments at mealtime

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slipperandpjsmum Sun 01-Jul-12 19:04:45

We all sat down for Sunday dinner today (I had spent quite a while preparing it and was looking forward to everyone eating together). No sooner had we sat down that the bickering began, not really arguing just disagreeing all the time! Does anyone have any strategies to deal with this. Can I add we only have one little one the rest are pre-teens and teens. The youngest was the best behaved!!

RandomMess Sun 01-Jul-12 19:06:04

Waiting for the advice, our 7 and 9 year bicker with each constantly and it is driving us insane...

bigTillyMint Sun 01-Jul-12 19:08:01

We don't generally have bickering at the table (but we only have 2 DC - 11 and almost 13) - they are too busy shovelling the food downgrin

We do chat about stuff - our day and whatever else comes up.

scentednappyhag Sun 01-Jul-12 19:11:41

My sister and I were made to sit at opposite ends of the table and out of each others eye line at family dinners until fairly recently- we're 25 and 18 grin
It'll get better with time, but you have my sympathy!

slipperandpjsmum Fri 06-Jul-12 21:36:13

Thanks for the replies its nice to know we are not alone!!

Maybe I should review our seating plan!! The table extends further. At its full length its quite large - maybe more distance would help???

imip Fri 06-Jul-12 22:25:36

4 dcs five and under here. Lots of fighting with us also. All want to sit next to dd4, who for safety's sake, should sit next to none of them. I am trying to separate them, but when they be have, they look so damn sweet all sitting next to each other. My other problem apart from arguing is the general wandering around. Why they all decide that the middle of dinner is the best time for a poo, I don't know. We are trying to lay down some basic foundations for meal time, I.e., not leaving the table til everyone is finished etc, but we are getting defeated at every post!

FiveRingsForDinner Sun 08-Jul-12 19:00:58

I'm spending the evening cruising the larger families board, rocking manically.....

I haven't a cluuuuue how to succeed. Fwiw, things I do:

- let them choose whether I spend my time serving food or refereeing arguments

- insist on silence

- do homework at the table (spellings etc)

Weirdly / the last of these is the most successful. The see the merits of knocking out two chores at once.

elvisaintdead Sun 26-Aug-12 19:30:22

I find it's best to get everyone to the table as late as poss, literally as the plates are being put down. We had arguments about where people sat which then spilled over into general bickering during the meal so they now have set places all the time. I also find introducing topics to discuss and making sure each person has a chance to have a say on the subject helps - such as where would your dream holiday be, what the best thing you've done this week...etc. If all else fails the threat of "the next person to start on someone will do the washing and drying up after this meal" works like a dream!

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