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Did anyone keep going to get the opposite sex?

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needsomesunshine Sun 17-Jun-12 10:22:41

How many did you get to before you got one of the other? I have 4 ds' , 5th on the way. People said the 5th would be a girl, now they're saying the 6th! I love my boys, I find them so loving but just wondered if people kept going. Some people say some people can only carry a certain gender. What do you think?

surfingluby Thu 20-Sep-12 13:36:33

naturalbaby I remember that program, I watched it with my DP, his sister and her the time she was pregnant and she had 2 DS. Watching it was when it all came to light why she was the way she was with her boys and that pregnancy as she was desperate for a girl. Like you I felt awful for the boys, it stuck in my mind too.......awful to watch, even more awful in reality :-(

Haribojoe Thu 20-Sep-12 13:37:20

I always wanted to have 4 DC and after having 3 DS I spent the whole of my fourth pregnancy expecting to welcome DS number 4 into the fold.

Imagine my surprise when I gave birth to DD! Nearly 6 months later it still hasn't sunk in.

Didn't do anything different when TTC and no real difference in my pregnancy.

deleted203 Sat 29-Sep-12 05:00:27

I didn't need to. I was so organised my kids go DD,DS,DD,DS,DD - yeah, I know....nothing to do with me grin

LimeLeafLizard Sat 29-Sep-12 14:34:56

Fascinating thread. I have 3 lovely boys and am pg with DC4 which we have just been told (at the scan) is a girl. We're still a bit in shock tbh, because we somehow expected another boy. I'm delighted though.

DH and I have always hoped to have 4DC, so we weren't 'keeping going until we had a girl'... we'd have stopped after this pregnancy either way.

Reading this thread reminds me yet again how lucky we are to have healthy DC... so many people have experienced loss or can never have a child at all.

Oh, and no, we didn't do anything different this time!

SweetKitty - your Shettles response made me grin - I might try that if I get particularly grumpy by the end of this pg!

needsomesunshine Mon 01-Oct-12 04:04:43

Thanks for your responses.v.interesting reading. I think life would have been harder if my last born had been a girl but it is strange sometimes being the only girl in the house. I gave to keep an eye in the ds' & some of the Comments they make as I have realised they know absolutely nothing about girls. I am seriously considering adopting a couple of girls when they are older. My body, mind & bank budget couldn't take anymore at the mo though smile

Cadmum Mon 01-Oct-12 04:21:41

My aunt had a near breakdown when her fourth son was born. She refused to name or feed him. They did not go on to try for another baby but she doted on me (only girl in my generation). I always felt sorry for my cousins as it was obvious that they were less 'wanted'.

We had the opposite reaction when expecting db3 because we already had one of each and my family thought we were insane for wanting more with both genders represented. (Wait until they hear about db#5 since we already have 2 of each.)

FrankieMyDearIDontGiveADamn Mon 01-Oct-12 04:36:09

I actually only have two children, one girl and one boy....... but my children's father had 2 sons from a previous relationship. From some of his friends and many of his family, I was 'hassled' and expected to 'give' then DH a daughter hmm as our PFB had been 'another' boy.
My ExMiL was really a pain in the neck persistent in her opinions through out my pregnancy with DD. It had been mistakenly revealed to me that I was having a girl earlyish in the pregnancy, and I took childish delight in not putting her mind at ease that she was going to get the grand daughter she though I 'owed' her son.

I know this doesn't answer your question as I was not the mother of all three existing sons, but flippin heck.. I took some nagging for being responsible for not only the apparent 'failing' of my own body's ability to produce a daughter, but another womans also grin
I knew it was all my fault........... ( I am also responsible for the chinese foreign policy, crime figures in outer London and the fact that Wagon wheels are half the size that they were in the good old days)

Although my DSS's aren't mine, there is such a vast richness to the personalities of each of them and my own son, that if DD had been another boy, he would have brought his own delight into our lives.

It's a funny old world..........

needsomesunshine Mon 01-Oct-12 05:03:18

Frankie that is so true about wagon wheelsgrin
Every time my mil sees me she says ' you need a girl.' My dh thought our friend had a girl after 4 boys and he was gutted.i was shocked at his reaction tbh but made me realise how desperate he was. I do not want to put my body through having anymore.

waferhappy Sat 08-Dec-12 20:14:34

I had a son then two girls then I knew I wanted four and he was a boy perfect of course I'd of been happy with what ever sex though

notallytuts Tue 11-Dec-12 16:58:04

i have a friend who is currently pregnant with her fourth boy, and openly admits she will keep going until she gets a girl

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