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Parenting books for large families

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milliemuffin Tue 16-Aug-11 05:07:23

When I just had 2 DC I felt ok as a mother and reasonably confident. Now that I have 3 and my eldest has just turned 4 life is starting to get more serious and I could really do with some help.

Can anyone recommend a good book on how to raise 3 happy children please?

milliemuffin Mon 22-Aug-11 21:59:49


PhyllisDiller Tue 23-Aug-11 22:23:39

I have bought, (but not yet had time to read all of it) Divas and Dictators by Charlie Taylor. My family is not huge....3DC’s + extras when babysitting/friends over etc.

Read half of the book and a few things did work for me, thought it was a good bet as the author is a head at a difficult school and used to getting good results on mass as it were. I reckon though I’ll need to read 2 or 3 and take a mix from them all.

Amazon have it....

milliemuffin Wed 24-Aug-11 05:47:45

Thankyou, I've just ordered it. Sounds good. I'm struggling a bit with the sibling rivalry and my 4yo DS is usually the one that gets told off because he knows better but likes to copy his 20m old sister. It's unfair for her because she just wants to play, his toys are much better than hers (trains/Mobigo etc) but he's a quiet boy and doesn't like it when she's not careful with his things so I'm trying to find a balance.

Thanks again x

slipperandpjsmum Sat 27-Aug-11 10:28:15

Think it was Steve Biddulph who wrote siblings without rivalry. I have only had time to read little bits of it though so could not really say if its any use or not but worth a look.

slipperandpjsmum Sun 28-Aug-11 15:29:23

Just watched Kate and 8 followed by the Duggans who have 20 children) on Sky. Both families have books on Amazon. The Duggans say one of Americas largest families - how they do it. Not sure there is parenting advice in there but they are cetainly both larger family specific books!!

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