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Thought I was finished with 4 dc's but now ache for number 5, help!

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XboxWidow30 Fri 12-Aug-11 10:43:13

I know this sounds really silly but I ache so much for number 5, more than I did with any of the others. I told dh after number 4 that I didn't want anymore. Now I do and I am having trouble convincing him. He keeps coming up with silly excuses to not have one more and its doing my head in now. We have the same conversation every night and it never concludes, really doing my head in now. HELP! sad

peacemoon Fri 12-Aug-11 11:17:30

Hi,I have 4 which I really wanted but couldn't imagine having 5! Can I ask what age your DCs are and what the gender mix is?

XboxWidow30 Fri 12-Aug-11 11:21:41


We have ds 14, dd 8, dd 5 and ds 21 mths. At the moment ds 14 has his own room and the others are a bit of a mix up at the moment. First of all the 2 dd's were in the same room but then I moved dd 5 to a room with ds 21 mths cos the dd's would mess about at bedtime, but that isn't working either. Mainly down to discipline really I think!

I have obviously felt broody before but nothing like this at all. sad

peacemoon Fri 12-Aug-11 11:33:09

Maybe it will pass! Do you have the room and finances to cope with another?I know my house is definitely 2 small.I have 2 DS (13 and 10) sharing a room and 1DS and 1DD (6 and 4 n half) sharing but couldnt afford to move without going back to work which isn't possible with 4!

XboxWidow30 Fri 12-Aug-11 11:42:09

We have the room and finances to cope, dh keeps coming up with silly excuses as to why not to have a 5th, selfish reasons!

Can't see this one passing any time soon. Hey ho, will have to work on him! blush

peacemoon Fri 12-Aug-11 12:34:29

I know my DH wasn't keen on having number 4 in fact truth be told he was terrified! Especially as it was a little accident. We even talked about termination not that I would have ever gone through with it.It was hard for a while especially as there was only 18 months between the last 2 and number 3 didn't sleep through for his first 2 years but we did make it through and have no regrets.But as you know it is hard work and doesn't leave much time for coupledom.So maybe that is what the problem is your DH maybe thinks enough is enough and wants his wife back?
I also had a fear that after all my children were born healthy that my luck might run out the more I had and also the fact I was getting older (last 1 at 37 DH 39) I wanted to be around as long as possible!

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